Christmas shopping guide palma de mallorca nakar hotel

Palma Guide: Christmas shopping guide

It’s that time of the year again. That magical time, that beautiful time. One of our favourite holidays, for sure. Christmas is here!

And as you’ve already known from past years, we’re more than ready to give you the best insider knowledge about where to go to buy the nicest Christmas presents. Get ready & let’s go shopping with our updated Christmas guide to make the most of our shopping experience in Palma de Mallorca!

Palma Christmas shopping guide

Relojería Alemana

Giving someone a Christmas present should always be something special. And if you’re planning on going the extra mile this Christmas, Relojería Alemana is most definitely the place for you to visit.

Christmas shopping guide relojeria alemana palma de mallorca nakar hotel

For over 140 years the Fuster family has positioned ‘Relojería Alemana’ as a referent introducing fine jewelry pieces and exclusive watches by the best brands. You will definitely not go wrong at Relojería Alemana!

La Morenita

Special items for special people. La Morenita by Alma López offers high jewellery collections, which are both timeless and include permanent pieces, as well as an avant-garde line: from urban to romantic and elegant. Unique creations with a Mediterranean twist!

Nakar Hotel Christmas Shopping Palma


Masscob landed on Palma’s shopping scene this year (2018). This brand from La Coruña combines a perfect style with clean lines re-defining ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. Their creators, Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián are a pragmatic and forceful couple that provide a warmth, romantic and relaxed style to the fashion industry. The key? Harmony. Fashionable and functional collections with a “classic twist” for modern, stylish, sophisticated women.

Nakar Hotel Shopping Palma

Rialto Living

Perfect for any occasion, Rialto Living is the ultimate lifestyle shop in Palma. Located at Calle Sant Feliu, it features fashion, interior design, art and all kinds of gift ideas, making it really easy to become that one-stop to get your Xmas shopping done in a day!

Christmas shopping guide rialto living palma de mallorca nakar hotel

Would you like to add something special to your shopping experience? Make a quick stop at the Rialto café for breakfast, a cup of coffee or lunch!


Arquinesia is one of those shops that are worth a visit just to check them out at least once. This can be found at a small side street in Palma’s centre called Carrer de Sant Gaietà. One cannot just walk past the store, as its atmosphere and charisma compel you to enter the paradise of scents.

Christmas shopping guide arquinesia palma de mallorca nakar hotel

Let yourself get carried away in a world of aromas and surprise the ones you love with spectacular perfumes, soaps, shower gel, scented candles or any of the products you’ll find at Arquinesia.



Last, but not least and perfect for anyone looking to shop a piece of our island’s tradition and culture, Gordiola is most definitely a must. Gordiola was founded in 1719 and still works with the same principle: artisans and master glassmakers making unique, beautiful glass pieces of all kinds.

Christmas shopping guide gordiola palma de mallorca nakar hotel

The best part? Each piece is unique, different, special and exclusive, due to being hand-blown glass.