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Brunch at Nakar Hotel in the old town of Palma

Guess what? Our dear #NakarBrunch has been back since September, the 1st! After hitting pause during summer, now we’re collecting tons of#Nakarmoments with all of you. The magic formula remains the same: food, views & good times! And now, that October is on, we’ve also got our DJ back at brunch! As you already know, our Djs are living it up at the rooftop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where you can join us for drinks. And on Sundays we’ve got live music at the brunch; so, let’s do this & enjoy brunch!

Every Sunday from 12.00h to 15.00h

Price per person: 30€ 

As you already know we’re what everyone these days is calling foodies. It’s just the fancy way to say we really love food! And talking about our favourite subject, we came to an important conclusion: at Nakar Hotel we feel like brunches are the best invention of our times. Whoever thought about that great idea of mixing breakfast and lunch and creating the always-welcome brunch is our hero.


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Brunch at Nakar Hotel in Palma de Mallorca

That’s why we couldn’t wait too long to inaugurate our own version of a Mediterranean brunch. Two Sundays ago we officially kicked off the brunch-season at Nakar Hotel in Palma’s old town. And everyone (including us) loved it! So here’s what you can expect when joining us for brunch any Sunday:


First (and very very important): food. Our talented and well-known chef Miquel Calent gets brunch to a whole new level. All kind of warm and cold dishes, sweet and savoury, that will make you feel the true happiness of having breakfast and lunch at the same time. A wide selection of eggs, tortillas, cheese and ham, all kind of bread and pastries and even salmon tartar, rice dishes, grilled meat will be waiting for at CUIT restaurant you to come and get them all!


Second, fun with live music. You already know our DJs, Ángel and Tony. Yes, they have impeccable taste in music and keep the beat during brunch! *Important note: during July, August and September there is no live DJ at the brunch, but our DJs do join us at the rooftop drinks!

Third, the breath-taking view from our restaurant CUIT over Palma and its architectural charms. This view just never gets old. Having delicious food while enjoying the DJ playing with Palma’s Cathedral and the sea as backdrop is just one of the best experiences!


And as we wanted Sunday’s to stop being everyone’s lazy day, you’ll be able to enjoy brunch at Nakar every Sunday from 12.00h to 15.00h. No better way to wrap up a weekend than saving the best for last!


Would you like to join us? Easy! You can book your table by calling +34 871 510 046 and we’ll have it all set up for you to visit from 12.00h to 15.00h and fall in love with Nakar’s brunch.

Price per person: 30€.

*Important note: during July and August there is no live DJ at the brunch, but our DJs do join us at the rooftop drinks!