F nakar hotel brunch palma hotel

The best brunch in Palma de Mallorca is back!


Drinks (coffee, infusions, water and cava)


Sundays from 12:00 to 15:00 (check availability in summer)


Reserve in advance.

Our team of Djs will be still living it up at the rooftop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where you can join us for drinks. And on Sundays we’ve got DJ sessions at the brunch; so, let’s do this & enjoy brunch!

When? Every Sunday from 12.00h to 15.00h

How much? Price per person: 30€ 

nakar hotel brunch palma

Hey there, brunch-lovers! Guess what? We’re SO excited to announce that starting this Sunday, September the 10th our brunch will be back!

After hitting pause during summer, now we’re collecting tons of#Nakarmoments with all of you. The magic formula remains the same: food, views & good times! So it’s time for you to come by and enjoy the perfect mix of breakfast & lunch, the music of our DJs and the spectacular views we’ve got at our restaurant.

nakar hotel brunch palma hotel

And if you want to know what else is going on at Nakar Hotel, here’s a quick summary: you can come stay with us at one of our rooms and enjoy the #Nakarexperience, you can also come to visit CUIT restaurant for lunch and dinner or stop by for some drinks with good music by our DJ crew on our rooftop.

Give your Sundays that extra little bit of fun and come visit our Sunday brunch at Nakar! Stay tuned & we’ll see you at #NakarHotel!