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December musts by Nakar Hotel

Are you a Xmas lover? Because we are. And the start of December immediately makes us think about all the good that is ahead of us: a festive atmosphere, spending quality time with your loved ones, Santa, New Year’s… we’re excited! Now that this magical month is starting we are more than ready and happy to share our:

December musts by Nakar Hotel

December, the 1st: immediate song playing in my mind: ‘Jingle bells, jingle bells…’. Is that only me or does this happen to you too? Of course, almost all of our ‘December musts’ are related to Christmas and everything we love about it. Here we go!

Christmas markets in Palma and surroundings

It’s not really December until you’ve been to a Christmas Market. Do you agree? Well, luckily this island is all about creating a festive atmosphere with tons of Christmas markets taking place pretty much everywhere.

Nakar Hotel Portals Christmas Market

Our favourite Christmas Markets are the ones taking place in Puerto Portals and Pueblo Español. Both are super special for many reasons, but we won’t tell you more, as we want you to find out! In Palma, there are a large number of little Christmas Markets all over the city, which means you can take a walk-through Palma’s centre and find a lovely atmosphere and stalls with Majorcan products and crafts everywhere you go!

Get homemade sweets from the Santa Clara Convent

Every year the ‘Clarisas’ (Santa Clara’s nuns) make artisan and homemade sweets and pastries for Christmas. Crespells, butter cakes, almond pastries, anise rolls, ‘coquitos’, sweet hearts and traditional pastries such as ‘lemon drops’, ‘orange blossom’, ‘vanilla blossom’ and ‘coffee moons’ beside an exquisite ‘turrón’ are for sale. These sweets -which until only a couple of years were sold through the lathe to avoid being seen- are now offered in one of the rooms of the beautiful monastery.

Attend the mass on the 24th in Palma’s Cathedral

On December, the 24th one of the most magical moments takes place in Palma’s Cathedral, La Seu. During the mass, the popular ‘Chant of the Sybil’ (‘el cant de sibil-la) is, no question asked, that magical moment you were looking forward to enjoy over Christmas. It dates back to the middle ages and is listed as an UNESCO intangible cultural event. 

Nakar Hotel Palma Christmas Lights

Discover Palma’s centre & shop local! 

Last, but not least, one of the things you have to do when visiting Palma in December is just walk through this amazing’s city centre. Nakar Hotel is located at one of Palma’s most emblematic shopping streets and you will be really close to wonderful cobbled streets filled with little shops and cafés. Take a look and don’t forget to support local businesses! 

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