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Meet the Nakar team: Eardly Jordaan, our care manager

Our motto says is: ‘We love to take care of you’. And that’s just the way we are. When it comes down to pointing out that one person who’s really working it to offer the best guest experience there is, that’s Eardly, our care manager.

Nakar Hotel Mallorca Eardly

Eardly has been in the hospitality business for a long time now, but what you don’t know about him, is that he’s true passion is actually music. He has been involved with music from the age of 6 until now. He studied classical music and even has a master in music & composition. So, yes, we know this is not really a shocker, but he’s really good at it!

He came to Spain in 2004 from Southafrica with a group of musicians and for 8 years he traveled all over Europe playing at hotels, bars and festivals. That’s our Eardly! But there’s more, he also has persued a solo-career and actually has two records. Even though he has been with us at Nakar since the begnning of our history, he still invests all his free time in music. He just released a new single and will be starting with promo-shows really soon.

Nakar Hotel Eardly Mallorca Palma

‘A musician’s life is not easy and you have to get really lucky to get to the point that you can actually live from it… but I never give up, because I do it with passion and because I want to share something coming drirectly from my heart with others’.

Check out his music at:


Meet the team: this is Eardly, our care manager

3 words that define you:
Responsibility, passion & caring about people and things.

What you love the most about Palma:
Wandering around Palma’s streets and discovering new shops or cafés on the way.

Favorite street or area in Palma and why:
Calle Sant Feliu, because it has a little bit of everything and you could actually be anywhere in the world.

A secret spot on the island:
The mountains between Bunyola and Orient.

Nakar Hotel Eardly Palma

A #Nakar story to tell:
During the pre-opening of the hotel we had such a good time! All of it is worth remembering.

You have a day off. Where do you go?
For a walk with my significant-other and our Labrador retriever.

A town or village in Mallorca to get lost in:

Top 3 restaurants in Palma:
La Rosa Vermutería, Naan, Ombu / Koa.

You never have to leave Palma without:
Taking home an ensaimada!