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Palma Guide: Best Mexican restaurants in Palma

Have you ever had a taco? Or a ‘quesadilla’? If you have, there’s no need for us to tell you why we’re in love with Mexican food and if you haven’t this article is exactly what you needed to go for it!

Palma Guide: Best Mexican restaurants in Palma

El Aquanauta

Located in Santa Catalina, El Aquanauta does not only serve authentic (& super tasty) Mexican food, but also provides the coolest atmosphere. This small restaurant gives you a fun surfer vibe while you have some real Mexican dishes and cocktails! Definitely one of our favourites!

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‘Xolotl’ is considered the God of sunsets, of fire and bad luck in the Mexican mythology. With a rather small, but delicious range of dishes, Xolotl gives you the best of Mexican gastronomy at Plaza Progeso in Santa Catalina.

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Pic by: gastronomicament.cat

La Cantina de Frida

A little piece of Mexico all the way from the décor to the food in Palma’s centre. Its mix of Mexican purist cuisine with urban flavours is as unique as their long list of tequilas (40+ references sure are a statement!). Don’t forget to get a michelada or margarita while waiting for your food!

If you’re as into Mexican food as we are, please send us your suggestions via Facebook or Instagram, we can’t wait to try more exciting Mexican restaurants in Palma, as we are sure there are some we don’t know yet!

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And don’t forget to ask our front desk team for further information on any restaurant we recommend on our Palma Guide or anything else you are looking forward to discover while in Palma!