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Palma Guide – ‘Bonaire’, a well-known street in Palma

You already know our design hotel is located in the city centre. To be specific, you’ll find Nakar Hotel at Jaime III, THE shopping street in Palma’s centre. This means that every time you’re staying with us you will be able to explore, live and enjoy the city right from its heart. It doesn’t really get any better than this! You’ll fall in love with Palma and come back over and over again, we can see that coming!

So now that you’re all about getting to know Palma, we’re happy to unveil a little bit of information about a street we really like. This may sound weird, but this street happens to combine some of the things we like the most: art, food and shopping.

The street we’re talking about is ‘Bonaire’. One of the shops / cafés we like the most at Bonaire is called ‘Es 20’. It is a rather new, small shop that sells bulk food products, legumes, rice, flour of all kinds, algae, seeds and more. ‘Es 20’ is a little bit more than a shop, as it invites you to take a break and have a coffee when stopping by, as they apply the slowfood philosophy.

Foto: arabaleras.net

Moving on, there is a nice restaurant at Bonaire we are positive is worth a visit: it’s called La Vasca. Food from Spain’s North is what attracts gourmet-lovers to ‘La Vasca’, in addition to a cool interior.

Moving on, there is an always nice and yummy ‘Fibonacci’ on that street, perfect for a quick stop when in Palma’s centre. 

As you’re walking this street, you will run into a lovely vintage clothing shop, a few art galleries and other interesting places to take a look at!