Palma guide: Let’s go have a drink or ‘the best cocktail bars in Palma’

As soon as the sun goes down there is a whole new world to discover when staying in Palma. This city offers endless possibilities not only to enjoy by day, but also by night. And at Nakar Hotel we are specially fond of going out and just having some drinks with friends or your significant-other.

And, as you probably are already getting used to, we have made a selection of our favorite spots to have drinks while in Palma. Make sure to go and visit!

  1. BrassclubWith talented Rafa Martin making some spectacular signature cocktails, Brassclub has become the leading cocktail bar in Palma. The establishment recreates the atmosphere of the prosperous years of cocktail bars in New York, London and Madrid.

    Nakar says: check the ceiling and look at the over 3.000 bottles decorating it and ALWAYS follow Rafa’s adive on what to have.

  2. GinboGinbo is one of the newest additions in the ‘cocktail bar’ scene in Palma. Located at Paseo Mallorca (a 7 minute walk away from Nakar Hotel) this is the perfect spot to enjoy a classic gin & tonic or other modern combinations in a cool atmosphere.

    Nakar says: Ginbo is definetly our favorite place for G&T, so that’s what you should try there.

  3. NicolásJust at Plaza Mercat, one of the most emblematic must-visits of Palma’s old town you’ll find Nicolás. This bar is famous for having a great atmosphere and being the it-place for many years.

    Nakar says: their barman is great at preparing some very refreshing fruity cocktails, so take a chance and leave the classics behind!

  4. ÍdemFor those looking for a different kind-of ambiance, Ídem is the place to visit. With a strong 1920’s vibe Ídem offers a wide variety of cocktails in addition to some nice tapas to pair the cocktails with.

    Nakar says: frequently Ídem plays deep house music, so be prepared to start the party at Ídem.