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Palma Guide – Local festivities in Mallorca

You already know us. We’re all about Palma. And we’re all about Mallorca too. If you combine our love for the island with a celebration, you’ve got a winning combo right there. So, today we’re bringing you exactly that. A list of local festivities in Mallorca for you to know everything you need about traditions, our culture and important dates on the calendar. Let’s celebrate!

Local festivities in Mallorca – fiestas, festivals and fairs

It is time to discover the most festive side of the island we’re lucky to call home. Let’s take a look at Mallorca’s local festivities, fiestas, festivals and fairs.

Sant Sebastià – Palma

This event on the 19th of January marks the eve of Sant Sebastià, the patron saint of Palma. As the night falls, Palma turns into a mesmerizing display of fireworks, illuminating the city and offering a magical setting for locals and visitors. Live music, traditional dances, street performances, including the appearance of the traditional dragon and ‘dimonis’ and a whole night ahead of you celebrating the patron saint of the city await at one of the most popular festivities on the calendar.

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Pic by Mallorcantonic

Sa Rua and Sa Rueta – Carnival in Palma

Carnival season kicks off during the first weekend of February with the traditional events ‘Sa Rua and Sa Rueta’ in Palma, which are lively parades taking place in the city centre, in addition to other towns in Mallorca that also celebrate. Colorful floats, elaborate costumes and music create a festive atmosphere for all ages. The difference between Sa Rua and Sa Rueta is the age gap it is aimed to: ‘Sa Rua’ is the parade for grown-ups, and ‘Sa Rueta’ is aimed at children.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Local festivities - sa rua y sa rueta palma créditos pere joan oliver

Pic by Pere Joan Oliver

Moors versus Christians – Pollensa and Sóller

This festivity finds its beginning steeped in history, as it re-enacts the battle of Moors versus Christians, which took place in 1561. Two of the towns celebrating this tradition are Pollensa and Sóller. In Sóller, on the Monday after the second Sunday in May, the people of Sóller celebrate the popular and acclaimed festival of Es Firó, which commemorates the town’s brave resistance against the attack by Saracen pirates in 1561. In Pollença, the re-enactment of the battle of the Moors and Christians takes place on the 2nd of August, the day of their patron saint, ‘Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles’. The festival begins at 5 a.m. when the Pollensins sing the emotional Alborada, followed by a solemn mass and the traditional dance of the Cossiers, and in the afternoon the confrontation between the two groups of combatants to defend the town of Pollença begins.

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Pic by P Pellicer

Nit del Foc and San Juan – Palma

At San Juan’s Eve, on the 23rd of June, there’s an event taking place that translates as the ‘Night of Fire’. With the impressive Palma Cathedral as a backdrop, people in Palma celebrate the arrival of summer with live music, drums, demons and fireworks. On Palma’s beaches, people light their own bonfires and the party goes on well into the early hours of the morning.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Local festivities - sant joan palma creditos joan pellicer

Pic by Joan Pellicer

Festa de’s Cavall – Ses Salines

Ses Salines, a little village in the south of Mallorca, is the place where at the end of August, they celebrate the ‘Festa de’s Cavall’. A testament to Mallorca’s equestrian tradition, Festa de’s Cavall is a captivating spectacle that showcases the island’s skilled horsemen and their majestic steeds. It is said that it was a Menorcan who frequented this municipality a lot, who was responsible for transferring this centenary festival to Ses Salines, a town that already had a very long equestrian tradition and numerous national trophies and trophies, sufficient conditions to celebrate a ‘jaleo a la mallorquina’.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Local festivities - festa de's cavalls ses salines - creditos andré bax

Pic by Andre Bax

Es Vermar – Binissalem

If you’re passionate about wine, this festival taking place in September is exactly what you’ll be looking forward to. Es Vermar takes place in Binissalmen and is a harvest festival, paying homage to Mallorca’s winemaking tradition. During the festival you can count on joining vineyard tours, enjoying grape stomping competitions and taste all kinds of different wines from the island. A lively atmosphere, local gastronomy and a great time await.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Local calendar - es vermar binissalem MANU MIELNIEZUK

Pic by Manu Mielniezuk

Fira Dolça – Esporles

If you’re into sweets, October is the perfect month for you to visit the island. Taking place on the first weekend of October, in the charming village of Esporles, the ‘Fira Dolça’ (Sweet Fair) celebrates Mallorca’s years of tradition making delicious sweets. Crespells, bunyols and all kinds of ensaimadas, you will see the best of Majorcan pastries all at one place. In addition to the many food stalls on the main street, there’s also tons of workshops and events you can attend during the fair.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Local festivities - fira dolça esporles Miquel Àngel Llabrés

Pic by Miquel Angel Llabres

Dijous Bo – Inca

Inca is known for being the go-to town on the island when it comes down to local shopping. With a fantastic market, it is visited by hundreds of people every week. But, every November, there’s a special event taking place under the name of ‘Dijous Bo’, translated as ‘Good Thursday’. ‘Dijous Bo’ is a fair, which transforms the streets of Inca into a vibrant tapestry of food stalls, artisan markets and live entertainment. From traditional handicrafts to culinary delights, it offers a feast for everyone who attends.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Local festivity - dijous bo inca

As you can see, festivals, fiestas and fairs of Mallorca offer a kaleidoscope of experiences that celebrate the island’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit. From ancient traditions to modern-day revelry, these festivities serve as a testament to the island’s enduring allure and the warmth of its people. Stay at Nakar Hotel this season and enjoy Mallorca’s lively events calendar.