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Palma Guide – Sightseeing in the city – Palma’s Old Town

You’re in Palma. You’re staying at Nakar. You’re ready to explore the city! Being located in Palma’s city centre, we’re close to some of the most beautiful spots to discover during a stay on the island. Ready to do some sightseeing in the city? Let’s do this!

Sightseeing in Palma’s Old Town

You’ve probably heard that Palma is an absolute Mediterranean gem. And today we’re bringing you some of the places you cannot miss when visiting the capital city of the Balearic Islands. Let’s do some sightseeing in Palma’s Old Town and its surroundings.

La Seu and Parc de la Mar – a must on your itinerary

Known for its striking Gothic architecture and rose window, Palma’s cathedral ‘La Seu’ overlooks the tranquil Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean sea. If you want to, you can explore the cathedral’s interior, adorned with intricate stained-glass windows and the imposing nave designed by Antoni Gaudí.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Sigthseeing in Palma's Old Town La Seu

Parc de la Mar is a scenic park with reflecting pools that mirror the cathedral’s grandeur, offering walkways and fountains, and being one of the most stunning spots for the sunset in the city.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Sigthseeing in Palma's Old Town Parc de la mar

Almudaina Palace – history and architecture

The Almudaina Palace was originally a Muslim fortress and now showcases a blend of Moorish and Gothic architectural styles and offers panoramic views of Palma Bay. The palace served as a residence for Majorcan Royals and inside visitors can admire its royal rooms, courtyards, and the Chapel of Saint Anne, which features beautiful medieval frescoes. You will see that by visiting the Palace you’ll have a glimpse into Mallorca’s rich history and its evolution through different periods of rule and influence.

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Es Baluard – the museum for contemporary art in Palma

If you’re into contemporary art, this is the place to go to in Palma. Es Baluard is a contemporary art museum housed in a former military fortress, providing a unique setting for its diverse collection of Balearic and Spanish art, featuring works by artists such as Joan Miró and Picasso, alongside contemporary installations and sculptures. The museum itself is worth a visit, with its unique blend of historic stone and modern design and due to its stunning location, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Palma’s skyline, the harbor, and the surrounding Mediterranean landscape.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Sigthseeing in Palma's Old Town Es Baluard

Arab Baths – ancient history and Arab culture in the city

The ‘Banys Àrabs’ (Arab Baths) in Palma are a well-preserved example of Moorish architecture dating back to the 10th century. Featuring a central domed room surrounded by smaller chambers, the Arab Baths in Palma reflect the traditional bathing rituals of the era. The gardens are also a lovely oasis in the middle of the city. Here you’ll have some insight on the Islamic impact on the island and the diverse cultural heritage.

Palau March – the Joan March Foundation

Palau March is a historic mansion in Palma city centre that houses the Joan March Foundation, which is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art and sculpture. The mansion itself features a mixture of Mediterranean and neoclassical elements in its architecture and gardens. There are many temporary exhibitions and events taking place at Palau March, which is why we recommend you to have a look at their program.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Sigthseeing in Palma's Old Town Palau March - creditos

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Castell de Bellver – a Gothic-style castle worth a visit

Offering sweeping views of the city and surrounding countryside, Castell de Bellver is a circular Gothic-style castle situated on a hill. Built in the 14th century, it is one of the few circular castles in Europe and served as a royal residence and prison in the past. As a visitor, you can explore the castle’s inner courtyard, chapel and museum, housing archeological artifacts and historic exhibits of the island.

NAKAR HOTEL MALLORCA Sigthseeing in Palma's Old Town Castell de Bellver

We hope you liked our selection of sightseeing spots in Palma’s Old Town and its surroundings. We will be pleased to give you directions on how to get to each one of these places at our front desk. We’re looking forward to having you at Nakar Hotel and being able to take care of you!