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Recipes from our chef, Miquel Calent: Pork and eel casserole

We iust love Majorcan gastronomy! And the chef at our restaurant, CUIT, is an expert in combining authentic flavours from the island and giving them an innovative touch. From now on, every month we will share one of our recipes from our unique and incomparable, Miquel Calent. So that you can try them at home and be reminded of us! Let’s begin!

Miquel Calent’s recipes: Pork and eel casserole


Pork cheek
Tomato of “ramallet”
Majorcan blood sausage “Botifarrón”
Pepper “Tap de cortí”
Sweet wine
Beef stock
Salt, pepper and olive oil


We first debone the cheeks and cut them into smaller pieces. Season the meat and sauté it over a high heat. When this has gone golden, we add some “brotet de teme” and soak it in broth of sweet wine and a little beef stock. We then put it in the oven for 3 hours at 135 degrees.

In a “greixonera” we brown off some sliced garlic and immediately add a few cubes of “camallot”. We then add a generous amount of leek to the “greixonera” and let it sweat. We cut the pumpkin into cubes and cook it further for two minutes. Boil the “patató” still in its skin, in salty water until it is cooked. Then slice into pieces.

We prepare the fillets of eels and marinate them in salt, good pepper, “tap de cortí”, a bit of vinegar and some olive oil. We then cover it up and bake it in the oven for 12 minutes at 120 degrees.