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The February musts by Nakar Hotel

Another winter month is coming our way. And we’ve got TONS of things to recommend. It’s just how it is: Palma is NEVER boring. And Mallorca is always a wonderful holiday destination. That’s just facts.

If you’re planning a visit in February, we’ll be happy to help you out with our:

February Musts by Nakar Hotel

First things first. February is a truly beautiful month on the island. You must be wondering why, as it is cold and rainy at times. Well, February holds one of the most stunning natural phenomenons on the island: almond blossom. At the end of January and during all of February almond trees all over the island start to flourish and give us some remarkable postcards. We’re talking about 8 million almond trees blooming during this time on the island.

Nakar Hotel february musts blossom mallorca


The blooming of the trees reveals a pink spectacle and the majority of the trees can be found on the east and south-east coasts of the island. Hop on the road and take a drive to Sóller, Andratx or any other town or village in that direction. You’ll see what we’re talking about!

We’re feeling very inspired by nature in February due to the almond blossom in Mallorca. This is why our second recommendation for February will be a family-friendly excursion. ‘Ses Fontes Ufanes’ is located within the ‘Gabellí’ finca very close to the Hermitage of San Miguel in Campanet. Here a magical hydrological phenomenon can be observed every year between three and seven times, if it has rained enough.

Nakar Hotel February musts Mallorca excursion hike

Foto: Última Hora

Water starts to sprout from the ground and it is really something you would like eto see! ‘Ses Fontes Ufanes’ is actually the Balearic Islands’ first protected Natural Monument. The route is short and simple, which is why it can easily be done with kids, but we do advise to wear comfortable shoes and take some clothes to spare in case the little ones get wet.

Last, but not least, our third February must just has to be related to food. We cannot help it, we’re #foodlovers and always think about something delicious for you to try out while visiting Palma. This time, we’ll be showing ourselves some love, as we recommend to try our Sunday brunch with friends this time of the year.

Nakar Hotel February musts brunch rooftop

This is the plan: music, views of the cathedral and Palma’s bay, delicious breakfast + lunch and a cool atmosphere. What do you say? You can easily book your table by calling +34 871 510 046 or by contacting us at info@nakarhotel.com.