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The Nakar pocket guide to Valldemossa

Here we are once again! Ready to share some Mallorca-content with all of you! Just like every month, we want you to have another brand new pocket guide to discover one of Mallorca’s most beautiful villages: Valldemossa.

The Nakar pocket guide to Valldemossa

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Valldemossa. It is one of Spain’s most beautiful villages and it happens to be right here, on Mallorca. It is tucked away in the Tramuntana mountain range and when you’re about to get there you will immediately feel completely overwhelmed with its beauty. Those lost curves before reaching the village just give you a completely magical feeling when you’re about to get there. That image will be stuck in your head for a long time. Oh, beautiful Valldemossa!

What to do and see in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a small village, which is why you can perfectly discover it one morning or afternoon. If you take the whole day it could also be great, as you will be able to take it slow. And before you go visit Valldemossa, we would love to tell you what our ‘musts’ are.

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This is no surprise, but taking a walk through the complete village is a must. You will understand it as soon as you start walking; there is SO much beauty to soak in. Make sure to stop by the Parish church of Sant Bartomeu and also by the Charterhouse of Valldemossa.

nakar hotel palma plan for a day valldemossa mallorca

A must-visit every time we’re in Valldemossa is Can Molinas. It’s a traditional bakery doing the best ‘coca de patatas’ all over Mallorca. If you visit in winter, order a hot chocolate for the ultimate experience. For lunch or dinner our fav place in town would be ‘Ca’n Marió’, check it out!

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And if you want to live something really special, we would suggest you to visit Valldemossa during the Chopin Festival or during the ‘Fiestas de la Beata’. Both take place in summer (the Beata festivities in July and the Chopin Festival in August) and are a perfect opportunity not only to live something magical, but also to see this village at its best.