Villages in the Tramuntana mountain range – Deià, Valldemossa and Fornalutx

nakaWelcome, wanderers, to the enchanting island of Mallorca! Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, this Balearic gem offers a kaleidoscope of experiences for the adventurous soul. And if you’re seeking a blend of city vibrancy and serene mountain retreats, then Palma de Mallorca is your ultimate destination. Make Nakar Hotel your urban sanctuary, where modern comfort meets the allure of city life. Now, let’s venture beyond the bustling streets of Palma into the rugged embrace of the Tramuntana mountain range. Majestic and mysterious, these mountains whisper tales of old, promising a journey of discovery and tranquility.

Deià – a bohemian haven amid the Tramuntana

Perched on a hillside in middle of the Tramuntana mountains overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, Deià beckons with its bohemian charm and artistic allure. Wander along cobblestone streets lined with vibrant bougainvillea, and immerse yourself in the creative energy that has long captivated artists and dreamers alike. Don’t miss the chance to explore the iconic Cala Deià, a secluded cove embraced by dramatic cliffs and crystalline waters.


Pic by @_lagiuditta

Valldemossa – a cultural gem in the mountains

Step back in time as you meander through the picturesque streets of Valldemossa. This historic village, nestled amidst lush olive groves and almond orchards in the Tramuntana mountain range, exudes a timeless elegance. Visit the renowned Carthusian monastery, where Chopin once found inspiration amidst its serene cloisters. And be sure to indulge in a taste of local delicacies, from savory empanadas to sweet ensaïmadas, at charming cafes tucked away in hidden corners.


Pic by @rooshazeveld

Fornalutx – a floral paradise

Prepare to be enchanted by the quaint beauty of Fornalutx, often hailed as one of Spain’s most beautiful villages. Set against a backdrop of verdant citrus groves and terraced hillsides, Fornalutx is a floral paradise waiting to be explored. Lose yourself in a labyrinth of narrow alleyways adorned with cascading blooms, and savor breathtaking vistas at every turn. And don’t forget to sample the region’s famed oranges, bursting with sun-kissed flavor.


Pic by @mariahibbsphotography

As you bid farewell to these idyllic villages, remember that Mallorca holds endless wonders waiting to be discovered. From pristine beaches to rugged mountain trails, this island paradise offers something for every kind of traveler. And when you’re ready to unwind and recharge, Nakar Hotel awaits with open arms, promising a sanctuary of wellbeing and comfort in the heart of Palma. Come, experience the magic of Mallorca, and make memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll be here, ready to welcome you, year-round.


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