WHO is WHO – the musical section of Nakar Hotel: meet Ángel García


The musical section of Nakar Hotel

We recently decided to start presenting our (super duper cool) crew of resident Djs and last time you were able to get to know Tony Jiménez a little bit better. And today, continuing with our musical section ‘Who is Who’ we are more than happy to introduce to you Ángel García, another one of the DJs rocking Nakar’s musical world and offering you the freshest and coolest beats at Drink(s) up! and every Sunday for brunch.

Ángel García has been devoted and professionally focused on music for over 25 years working as a musical selector. He started dj-ing in the late 80’s in Madrid, his native town, where he not only was behind some of the coolest performances, but also taking care of managing his own clubs for two decades. Since 2012 Ángel García is living in Palma de Mallorca (lucky us!), where he has continued his work as a musical selector landing at Nakar Hotel right after its opening in 2016.

1. Who are you, what do you do and when did you decide to become a musical selector?

I am passionate about music. Since a very early age I have been able to develop and grow this passion, either as a dj, or as a music promoter up to this day.

Being a teenager I would discover music in every free second I had. It was actually the innovative and fresh musical styles of that era which brought me to develop my professional career in the music business.

2. Which are your musical influences? We are talking about the past and present of the music that has created your own character. And what do you see in your future?

In the late ‘80s and beginning of the ‘90s the musical styles coming from USA, such as break dance, hip-hop or disco funk in addition to synth-pop, EDM and European industrial music started to take over the world in many ways, becoming a very important input and moulding my musical style beat by beat.

However, my influences and how these have an impact on my stile, is actually something that keeps developing into many different directions, because I see myself influenced by new musical styles as modern should, nu-disco or jazz and all of these musical styles coming together are what encourage me to stand in a cabin and show a glance of it all coming together.

My intention is to make a good use of the decades of experiences and different musical styles and project it in Nakar Hotel’s musical sphere.

3. Starting from your influences, which is your interpretation of the concept behind Nakar when it comes to making a selection? How do Angel García and Nakar combine their forces?

Nakar Hotel stands for high-end quality in everyone of its areas, taking care of every detail for their clients and offering us, the residents DJs, a unique space to develop into something special.

Nakar’s location, surroundings and gastronomy are key elements that intervene when it comes down to working on the music. That unique and very rare combination of all makes Nakar Hotel a very special hotel offering a stay clients hardly ever forget.

4. At the Nakar sessions, international and national public meet. Do you receive any kind of feedback when you’re Djing live?

Since its opening in 2016, music has always been very present all over the hotel. Of course most of the musical essence of Nakar has become alive on its rooftop, where many clients staying at the hotel and just coming in for visit have been offering the DJs a unique type of chemistry to really enjoy our sessions every night.

5. During this Summer, which was your best session at Nakar?

Every session is unique and special; every night goes down in a very different way. I could think of 2 or 3 very cool sessions, but I would rather highlight them all for their singularity.

6. Nakar Hotel is very keen to create a strong identity, which is based on taking care of every detail. Music is one of its most important areas. What do you think about this approach (most specially in the long term) and what message do you send with your work?

To see the great support Nakar Hotel has offered us since its opening is totally gratifying. Nakar has had a very well thought approach to music and has given us the option to develop and make use of so many ideas we have had for such a long time for this type of space. I have felt like at home at Nakar and have felt tons of support coming from the direction of the hotel.