WHO is WHO – the musical section of Nakar Hotel: meet Fernando Andeme


The musical section of Nakar Hotel

Almost saying goodbye to 2017 we are even more thankful of having the amazing team of resident DJs we currently have at Nakar Hotel, as all of them understand the concept behind what Nakar has to offer perfectly and are able to transmit it to all of you through their amazing musical mixes. We are ready to keep presenting this team to you and today it’s all about getting to know Fernando Andeme and what makes him turn up the beats!

Fernando Andeme is a true Pioneer in the Spanish R’n’B scene. He is one of the members of the Spanish group Rels B, whose videos get over 10.000.000 views on YouTube. Live tours, private sessions and productions is what he’s into these days moving from his base, Spain, all over the world by visiting Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Peru and Germany where he has been winning over stages and hearts.

With almost 30 years, he has harvested great success as a music producer for R’n’B, having a large group of suitors waiting for him to create their musical bases. A nice, smiling, singular and funny guy with the same sex appeal as a young Miles Davis, but who keeps away of messes caused by alcohol and women messes.

1. Who are you, what do you do and when did you decide to become a musical selector?

My world is my music and I am also an event promoter. For over 10 years I have been organizing the famous ‘BoloYoungParty’ in Palma. What triggered me to pursue music was my environment. My mom is very fond of neo soul, funk and disco and I grew up listening to this type of music. And when I started producing I discovered tons of different musical styles, genres and quickly got dragged into this lifestyle.

2. Which are your musical influences? We are talking about the past and present of the music that has created your own character. And what do you see in your future?

My musical influences go from soul and funk to jazz from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. But I am also into new sounds like nowadays neo soul and R&B.

3. Starting from your influences, which is your interpretation of the concept behind Nakar when it comes to making a selection? How do Fernando Andeme and Nakar combine their forces?

My intention is none other than creating a pleasurable atmosphere for the client, where the mix of styles and the fantastic rooftop create the perfect spot to enjoy yourself.

4. At the Nakar sessions, international and national public meet. Do you receive any kind of feedback when you’re Djing live?

Yes! The feedback has been amazing. You can always see reactions from the public and there is almost always somebody who approaches you to ask you about the music you were playing.

5. During this Summer, which was your best session at Nakar?

Well, I don’t have just ONE day I could choose. There is always a great moment to put on some music as you see people really enjoy it.

6. Nakar Hotel is very keen to create a strong identity, which is based on taking care of every detail. Music is one of its most important areas. What do you think about this approach (most specially in the long term) and what message do you send with your work?

My message could be ‘come enjoy a good time where your only concern is to just go with the flow of the sound and this amazing place’.