WHO is WHO – the musical section of Nakar Hotel: meet Salva de Bahía


The musical section of Nakar Hotel

We’re in 2018 now. And just like last year, music is still playing a HUGE role in the Nakar concept. We are already planning more things to surprise you with in this section and while we’re on it, we are more than happy to keep introducing you to our super-duper-team making it all happening. Let’s keep the ‘Who is Who’ going and meet Salva de Bahía.

Salva de Bahía is a modest and honest guy. He has been in the music-biz for over 2 decades and he has always been part of the best clubs on the island, such as Garito Café or Capuccino.

1. Who are you, what do you do and when did you decide to become a musical selector?

My stage name is Salva de Bahía. I grew up surrounded by music, as the matter of fact, my parents ran a Spanish classical dance academy. I spent long periods in the La Latina neighborhood, in Madrid, and this is where I started approaching music and working on it on different levels.

One day they just let me do a 2 hour radio show. That was the moment when I started playing electronical music and my vinyls in a more technical way. After only three months we got an award to ‘the best entertainment radio show’. I felt the people’s feedback. That encouraged me to start working in the music business and since then I have never stopped listening to new music and working with it.

2. Which are your musical influences? We are talking about the past and present of the music that has created your own character. And what do you see in your future?

My musical influences are very varied, I like different styles of music, styles that fit in the moment. My influences come from the artists, many of whom I have met in clubs where I have been a resident DJ. I take a grain of sand from each and every one of them to build my own identity.

During my sessions I play funky, disco, jazz, bossa nova, soul-house, house, deep house, etc. I have never really worried about my musical future, just because I’m not guided by trends. I live and enjoy the present moment.

3. Starting from your influences, which is your interpretation of the concept behind Nakar when it comes to making a selection? How do Salva de Bahía and Nakar combine their forces?

I love to watch the audience. Nakar Hotel helps with that a lot. The view, the sound, the cozy space… all of it makes the audience to be much more open to live the experience, much more receptive.

For me and my music it’s easy, I just try to go along with the moment and create a harmonic space.

4. At the Nakar sessions, international and national public meet. Do you receive any kind of feedback when you’re Djing live?

Sometimes the timetable can be a challange, especially when it comes down to the locals. But still the response is great. My biggest satisfaction is when I see a smile on the client’s face or someone waving at me as sign of approval. It’s like: yes!

5. During this Summer, which was your best session at Nakar?

Every moment and every session is different. There is always something magical happening.
When the cathedral, the moon, the terrace and the public align, a very special thing happens.

We end up dancing and applauding all together!

6. Nakar Hotel is very keen to create a strong identity, which is based on taking care of every detail. Music is one of its most important areas. What do you think about this approach (most specially in the long term) and what message do you send with your work?

We all think that music is very important to Nakar Hotel and it makes it a unique place. I feel very lucky to be able to develop this concept and be a part of the Nakar Hotel team, where we are looking to implement and project the musical label.