WHO is WHO – the musical section of Nakar Hotel: meet Sandro Bianchi


The musical section of Nakar Hotel

Who doesn’t like music? We feel like music is part of our lives, is part of our history, of our best and worst moments and it just had to be a crucial part of the Nakar concept. And when lining up a team for #Nakarsounds we really wanted every DJ involved to have his own personality and let us see and feel it. Our ‘Who is Who’ section has been our way to present all these incredibly talented guys who have made Nakar-beats the great success it is. Let’s keep meeting them!

Nothing more exciting than unveiling the hidden personality of such a mysterious guy as Alessandro Bianchi. He is an Italian DJ and producer who has been living in Madrid since ’87, where he has become a key element to the music scene.

Stylish and truly passionate about art, music, food, fashion and coffee. Last, but not least a beautiful family plays a big role in Bianchi’s life.

1. Who are you, what do you do and when did you decide to become a musical selector?

I’m ‘SandroBianchi’, a DJ who always knew that he wanted to make a living out of music. Since I was little I wanted to be a radio host and just share music with the world so when Djing knocked on my door, I opened it wide! 

*Sandro has been working as a musical selector for over 25 years and is now on the highest point of his career, being wanted by clubs and international festivals like ‘Cielo’ in NYC, ‘Propaganda’ in Moscow, ‘Weekend’ in Berlin and ‘Ultra Music’ in Brasil, Perú and Mexico. Records like Sonar Kollektiv and Midnight Riot bet on everything he publishes.

2. Which are your musical influences? We are talking about the past and present of the music that has created your own character. And what do you see in your future?

Everything I have listened to my entire life has somehow influenced me, I’m a natural mixer and an exhibitionist, I take elements from all over the place, mix them and present them to the world. My influences change and, more than anything, they grow day by day.

3. Starting from your influences, which is your interpretation of the concept behind Nakar when it comes to making a selection? How do Sandro Bianchi and Nakar combine their forces?

Nakar is a place where you can express yourself freely, because it has the power to make you feel like at home, so the clients become your guests and you just want them to feel as comfy as possible, you want them to enjoy. I am there to offer them lovely music and the hotel takes care of everything else. It’s all about hospitality.

4. At the Nakar sessions, international and national public meet. Do you receive any kind of feedback when you’re Djing live?

It’s an intimate rooftop, the DJ booth is near-by, I have always had direct positive feedback and that’s just the best it can get.

5. During this Summer, which was your best session at Nakar?

Without a doubt my last b2b with Tony Jiménez in July on the rooftop, it was just amazing!

6. Nakar Hotel is very keen to create a strong identity, which is based on taking care of every detail. Music is one of its most important areas. What do you think about this approach (most specially in the long term) and what message do you send with your work?

I think it’s just a great bet on music, the line-up of local DJs is just exquisite. The location is perfect for something like this. I am very grateful to be a part of it and my message is that we will continue to take care of the musical part of Nakar for the clients and we will continue to have tons of fun!

Featured image: After Brunch Madrid