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Working from home – 5 tips by Nakar Hotel

We’re going through difficult times. We’re not used to being isolated from the world, from each other and we’re certainly not used to working from home all day, every day! We know the outbreak of coronavirus has taken all of us by surprise, but we’re certain that this will all go away sooner than you think.

For now, let us focus on what’s going on and make the best out of it!

5 tips to work from home

  1. Have a schedule. Maintaining regular hours will help you stay focused and be productive. If you are going to make working from home an everyday commitment, then set specific business or work hours. Make sure you also enforce a hard limit at the end of the day in order to distance yourself from work, so you don’t work nonstop.
  2. Use a planner. Organization is key. Make lists and check off daily goals to make sure your motivated and moving forward. Keeping track is important to not let your head mess with you!

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  3. Stay off social media, but connect with your team! We’re being bombarded with info (and memes) about the coronavirus. Even though it is nice to know everything that’s going on, you need to stay off social media during your working hours. Don’t let that cat meme interrupt you! But even though you need to be off social media, it is important to stay connected to your co-workers. Being able to discuss will make you feel less isolated and these weeks will fly by!
  4. Create your ideal workspace. Do not work out of bed today, on the sofa tomorrow and in the dining room tomorrow. Try to set up your working space and maintain it. It doesn’t matter where, it just matters that it can be a nice space for you to sit down and focus. Work it!
  5. Take short breaks. Last, but not least and even though you’re on a work Schedule, you need to breathe every once in a while. Take short breaks: make yourself a tea, drink some water, get up and walk around the house or department. Short breaks are a must!

We hope our tips to work at home can be useful for you during times of coronavirus. We’re in this together & we will definitely get over this together! Stay safe, stay home & let’s do this! #AloneTogether