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January musts by Nakar Hotel

2019 was an amazing year. We’ve had a blast with all of you and we are really thankful. Thankful for our guests, thankful for our team members, thankful for the city we live in… there’s so much to feel good for! 

And now that 2020 is officially on (WOW, 2020 keeps sounding like the future to us!) we couldn’t start the year another way but offering you our best advice to spend the upcoming weeks here in Palma. 

January musts in Palma de Mallorca 

If you’re visiting Palma in January you’ll se a whole different Palma than during the summer months. We’ve said it before, but this city truly has a unique charm and we absolutely love it all year! 

But today we’re here to give you some piece of advice about what to do when visiting Mallorca in January. 

Majorcan tradition: Sant Sebastián ‘correfoc’ 

On January the 21st a traditional Majorcan celebration takes place in Palma. We’re talking about the ‘correfoc’ celebrated in the context of Sant Sebastià, Palma’s patron saint. There are a few other things going on these days, but the night of the ‘correfoc’ is definitely the most exciting.

Nakar Hotel january correfoc

Foto: helencummins.com

The ‘Drac de na Coca’ shows up spitting fire right in front of you and the air is filled with smoke, noise and pyro techniques while a group of drummers add some drama to the show. Dragons, demons and devils walk down Jaime III, right in front of Nakar Hotel during an exciting evening in the city centre. 

Wine & tapas at La Sang

Wine and tapas sure sound like a perfect plan all year around. And, as you already know, we’re really into food. That’s why you’ll find many different dining ideas on our blog: from authentic Mediterranean cuisine to Nikkei restaurants or Michelin-starred restaurants.

Nakar Hotel january mar la sang

There’s just SO much info out there! BUT for January we must say we recommend wine & tapas at a traditional bar called ‘La Sang’. It’s a small bar with a really special atmosphere which we absolutely love this time of the year.

‘Coca de patatas’ and hot chocolate in Valldemossa


This is something we’ve been doing every year. There is a really special place located in Valldemossa, one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. This place is called ‘Can Molinas’, a traditional ‘forn’ (bakery) where the absolute best ‘cocas de patatas’ of the island are made.

Nakar Hotel palma coca de patata

Foto: Oli Moix

On a cold winter day we just couldn’t think about a better plan than exploring this stunning village and have this delicious Majorcan pastry and a hot chocolate before coming back to Palma. 

Featured image: Ultima Hora