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Mallorca’s best wineries and bodegas

Hey there, Mallorca-lovers! We’ve got a brand new topic we’d like to share with you! And it happens to be another reason for you to fall in love with this stunning Mediterranean island. Are you ready?

Discover Mallorca’s wine tradition

Mallorca is known for its mild Mediterranean climate offering lots of sunny days to enjoy its turquoise beaches and coves all over the island. No question asked, discovering the natural scenery this place has to offer is a ‘must’ when visiting.

But did you know that our picture-perfect island also happens to produce a huge amount of wine each year? Majorcan wine is famous in Europe due to its unique and authentic flavour! Today we’d like to tell you all about it.

Wine made in Mallorca

The flavour, aroma and structure of Majorcan wines depend on the varieties of grapes used to produce it. Many of the red wines of the island include native red varieties such as Mantonegro, Callet, Fogoneu, offering a full body, high acidity and black fruit flavours.

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Mallorca’s white wines are highly aromatic and are made out of native varieties including Prensal Blanc, Giró Ros or Malvasia.
Many wineries and bodegas even produce wines made 100% out of some of these local grape varieties.

Best wineries in Mallorca

Mallorca has two main areas where wine is produced: DO Binissalem and Pla i Llevant. You can find a surprisingly big number of small (and not so small) wineries in these regions of the island, now estimated to be close to 100.

To learn about the history and secrets of each winery and, of course, taste their delicious wines, you can book a tour or go individually by car. If you want to discover several bodegas in one day, you can book also go all the way above & beyond by booking a helicopter or take a tour on your bike, if you’re the sporty type.

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Even though there are many bodegas we really like at Nakar Hotel, we’ll highlight a couple of them for you to check out while staying with us!

José Luis Ferrer – Family tradition and good wine

Since 1931 Bodegas José Luis Ferrer have been innovating in the wine field on the island. This family business now run by its forth generation started by introducing new vine growing techniques. A tour through its facilities is an invitation to discover history of wine, while tasting some of their finest creations.

Vins Nadal – Native Majorcan varieties and love for wine

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Vins Nadal is also one of the oldest wineries in the area of Binissalem, dating back to 1932. Fun fact? Their first wine, called ‘Albaflor’, was produced by Archduke Louis Salvador of Austria in Mallorca

Biniagual – typical Majorcan wines full of character

‘Good wine is made on the fields, not in the winery’. With this motto Bodegas Biniagual invites you to discover their process of making wine step by step. Key to their work is the highest quality and respect for nature. This winery on Mallorca follows the strict rules of an integrated agriculture that is entirely focused towards sustainability.

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Macià Batle – wine and art

Tradition, the love for wine and art lay at the core of what Macià Batle has to offer. One of the things we love about this winery is that most part of the Macià Batle wines are consumed on the island – from locals for locals!

Now, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to book your tour to visit Mallorca’s bodegas and try its Mediterranean aromatic wines!

We are happy to give you further information and help you find the best wine tasting tours. Keep yourself updated on news and facts on our blog to not miss out when visiting this beautiful island, Mallorca!