Why visit Palma in winter?

So, here’s the scenario we’re looking at. You’re planning a fun, short winter getaway and you’re indecisive about what your destination should be. We get it. So many things come to mind! Weather, places to visit, things to see, fun restaurants to dine at, and the list go on and on and on…

Well, we are absolutely thrilled to be able to save you a lot of time and just give you the answers you were looking for: visit Palma de Mallorca this winter. And we’ll tell you why!

Visiting Palma in winter – things you need to know


Let’s start with your main concern: the weather. A winter getaway can be tricky, we know that. But when it comes down to weather, we’re definitely on the lucky side! Mallorca boasts 300 days of sunshine and even though you might get a little bit of rain if you’re not lucky, you will most probably get some sunny days to explore the city and the rest of the island. Temperatures are around 18 degrees (even higher in the sun) and you will definitely enjoy the perfect Mediterranean weather while falling in love with our favourite city in the world: Palma.


Outdoor activities

Another big plus when thinking about visiting Palma de Mallorca in winter is the fact that you will be able to try and enjoy all kind of outdoor activities and sports. Rent a bike near Nakar Hotel and discover Palma’s best-kept secrets or follow the promenade and enjoy a bike ride to Portixol. If you’re into hiking or cycling you will be able to explore a long list of paths near Palma and all over Mallorca too. Get ready for an active holiday!


Culture is definitely big on a bucket list when travelling in winter. In Palma you will find a great selection of museums and art galleries featuring local talents and national and international artists too. All year long you will be able to find a fun exhibition to attend, a play to watch or a concert to attend to. We definitely do not stop!

Visit Palma Winter Besuchen Palma Hotel

High-end cuisine

Last, but not least, a fun, trendy gastronomic scene is definitely a must when thinking about a destination for a short trip, isn’t it? Palma de Mallorca is one of the most sought-after destinations for foodies from all over Europe and the world. Palma’s gastronomic offer never ceases to amaze us! We’ve written tons of articles about great restaurants we love, but we’d recommend you to take a look at this one right here featuring the cosiest restaurants in Palma for you to visit this winter. Let us know if you visit one of them!

We hope you liked this post about why visiting Palma in winter and we’d absolutely love to have you staying with us at Nakar Hotel, where we will take excellent care of you during your city break!