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Meet the team at Nakar Hotel: Leandra Salcedo

What’s the secret of the Nakar concept? To be honest, it’s a mix of many things. But if we have to choose one thing we couldn’t to anything without, it would definitely be our people, our amazing team.  If you ever heard ‘Team work makes the dream work’, we must say we couldn’t agree more. At Nakar Hotel we let everyone do their own thing the best way they know how and we must (proudly) say: we’ve got the best team in the world! 

Today we’re introducing one of the ‘friendly faces’ of Nakar Hotel, as she’s one of our front desk team members. Please meet Leandra. 

Meet the team at Nakar Hotel: Leandra – front desk 

3 words that define you
Fun, active, always willing to go for a drink or a walk

What do you love the most about Palma:
To be honest, I’m a small town girl and Palma is a little big city where everyone knows each other and everything is growing (small businesses, real estate, foreigners and locals we’re all together!). What I mean is that Palma is more than a city, it represents a lifestyle to me. 

lea meet the team nakar hotel palma

Favourite street or area in Palma and why:
Santa Catalina: every time you walk around that neighbourhood you discover something new and I love the cultural mix you can feel in the atmosphere. There are more and more new restaurants and cool spots to eat (it actually reminds me a little bit of Williamsburg in NYC).

A secret spot on the island:
Just before you reach the Na Foradada viewpoint, there’s a… it’s a secret! Come ask me at the front desk and I will tell  

A #Nakar story to tell:
It’s really hard to just think about one story. Every day is filled with lovely stories and things to tell. Suddenly a guest arrives with a newborn and you become the Majorcan aunt. And some other days guests hug you goodbye, because they felt like at home. You even become friends with guests that come visit every year! 

You have a day off. Where do you go?
I’m always looking for some waves! And in case there are no waves, a town market or a local fair to buy local products! 

meet the team lea nakar hotel palma

A town or village in Mallorca to get lost in:
Valldemossa, Deià… the Tramuntana Mountain range in general

Top 3 restaurants in Palma:
Cor barra i Taula, Vermuteria La Rosa, Ca’n Joan Frau at the Santa Catalina market and let me ad done extra: Toque de Queda. You just have to try their zucchini Carpaccio! 

You never have to leave Palma without:
Buying a typical Majorcan basket and olive oil.