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What’s on in Palma: TaPalma 2019

Do you know TaPalma? It’s Palma’s authentic tapas festival. And as we really love to talk about food and everything related to gastronomy, we feel that we couldn’t share this information with you.

TaPalma – food festival in Palma de Mallorca


Are you visiting Palma at the End of November or do you live in this beautiful city? Well, there’s a gastronomic event you need to know about. We’re talking about ‘TaPalma’, a true celebration of tapas in every shape in color. The ‘TaPalma’ festival was created to give local chefs the opportunity to become as creative as they can and show an innovative and delicious ‘tapas’ to the public and, of course, competing to become the TaPalma winner every year.

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This year, the 14th edition of TaPalma will take place from the 25th of November until the 1st of December. During the fair, restaurants and bars offer a specially designed dish in the form of ‘tapas’ to compete for the prize and to conquer some #foodie hearts on the way.

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How can you enjoy TaPalma? Well, meet up with friends or go out with your significant-other and visit one of the restaurants that will be competing. Look out for the news about ‘TaPalma’ around the 25th of November to know what restaurants will be competing. This year Igor Rodríguez, the winner of Spain’s best tapas contest in 2017 will be the president of the jury in charge of choosing who’ll be the tapas king in town! Exciting!

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As usual, we’ll be happy to help you with any other information you need about ‘TaPalma’ or anything else!