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Meet the team at Nakar Hotel: María Claret

Meet the team at Nakar Hotel: María Claret

Little by little you have been meeting more and more member of our fantastic team. The heart and soul of Nakar are precisely all of them. Every one of them offering our guests a unique experience, an unforgettable holiday at an urban design hotel. Nakar’s essence is in each one of them, the members of our team that since the very beginning have been representing Nakar at its best, being a part of a beautiful project with just one goal: take care of you.

Today we would like to introduce not only a great professional, but a wonderful person. Please meet our dear Claret. 

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Meet the team at Nakar Hotel: Claret – housekeeping

3 words that define you:
A strong personality, honesty and integrity.

What do you love the most about Palma:
The Cathedral, its an icon of our city.

Favourite street or area in Palma and why:
Walking from Jaime III to Plaza Mayor is one of my favorites things to do. You can almost feel the history of the city talking to you, you can shop at the best shops, it’s always a pleasure.

A secret spot on the island:
I don’t know if it’s still a secret place, but I would choose the beach of ‘Es Caragol’.

A #Nakar story to tell:
At my first interview with the ‘Excellence Manager’ (my current boss) I fell of the chair at the beginning… what a way to break the ice!

You have a day off. Where do you go?
If it’s in summer… I’ll go to the beach!

A town or village in Mallorca to get lost in:

Top 3 restaurants in Palma:
Millor, Izakaya and Can Eduardo

You never have to leave Palma without…:
Seeing the beautiful ‘La Seu’ cathedral.