F Nakar Hotel Shopping guide Palma

Ready to shop? This is Palma’s shopping guide!

There are so so SO many reasons to go on a shopping spree. First of all, we must say we find shopping to be a relaxing activity. Some say it can even be therapeutic. In addition to its relaxing properties, it’s also a big ton of fun. We personally love wandering around the city, discovering new little shops, going to our ‘musts’, finding a cool present for someone we care about… it’s all pros! Last, but not least, we must say Palma is a wonderful city to shop. And it gets better: Jaime III, the street Nakar Hotel is located on, is one of the most famous shopping streets in the city. This makes it so much easier for you to take an afternoon to go shopping!

Palma shopping guide  

If you’re ready to start your shopping day in Palma de Mallorca, these are the places you just have to visit!

Best shops in Palma  


We simply cannot get enough of this brand. Scalpers (who is also responsible for dressing our lovely Nakar team) always hits the spot with their cool, modern and yet chic designs for clothing and accessories.

Nakar Hotel Scalpers shopping Mallorca Palma

No matter what type of person you’re shopping for, Scalpers is a strong bet for the ‘I LOVE IT’ reaction.


Two words: impeccable style. Sold in two of our favorite shops, La Principal and Addict, Mews clothing is a label that exudes the essence of Mallorca itself: elegant yet understated, colorful and composed, relaxed, rambunctious, and most importantly – real.

Nakar Hotel Mews Palma Tienda

MEWS is all about providing quality seasonal staples that make Mediterranean style seem effortless and we just L.O.V.E. I.T. So, Mews: would you marry me?

Rialto Living

There’s no way Rialto won’t be on your shopping list. This cosy, beautiful and super cool shop is located only a couple streets away from Nakar Hotel.

Nakar Hotel Rialto Living Palma Shopping

Located on C/ Sant Feliu 3, THE lifestyle store in Palma offers fashion items, interior design, art pieces and tons of creative gifts: carefully chosen selection of covetable English-language books, stationery, toys, CDs, fine perfumes, home fragrances and many more. 


‘The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog’. How many of you can relate to this? We certainly can. And that’s why we think you’ll find the perfect present for all dog lovers out there at Palmadog.

Nakar Hotel Palma dog shopping

Bowls, beds, collars and leashes, healthy and delicious food, toys, everything a dog needs to travel and cool things for the owner are part of the assortment you’ll find at Palmadog. If there’s a dog lover in your family or friends circle head to C/ Tous i Maroto, 5! 

La Morenita

Special items for special people.

Nakar Hotel Morenita Palma tienda shopping

La Morenita by Alma López offers high jewellery collections, which are both timeless and include permanent pieces, as well as an avant-garde line: from urban to romantic and elegant. Unique creations with a Mediterranean twist!

Nakar Hotel la morenita shopping palma


Iconic. Castañer is one of the ‘must’ shops in Palma. Founded in 1927, Castañer has managed to re-invent itself time after time. A family-led empire. Their essence remains, showing tradition and contemporaneity on their clothing for men and women. Their Mediterranean roots combined with cosmopolitan vibes make Castañer remain a timeless signature.