Nakar’s first anniversary

Are you kidding? Has it really been a year already? We have been having SO much fun that time has literally flown by. Good news of time flying is that memories last forever. And we have to admit we have had tons of good times at Nakar Hotel this first year.

Over 5.000 of you have checked in to spend more than 15.000 stays. We always made sure the rooms were comfy, fully equipped and offered you the latest technology to connect all your devices making no effort at all. And we can say we are just SO happy with the result. Thanks for choosing us!

At CUIT Restaurant we have been able to welcomed over 14.000 of you and we have let Miquel Calent do what he does best: spectacular Mediterranean dishes. Adding the unique view of the city at the 8th floor, we can only say: let there be CUIT for many many more years.

At our Nakar spa we have pampered you with over 500 treatments which we will continue to offer you in order to make you relax big time and let us do what we’re here for: take care of you!

Our conference room has been the spot for 36 conferences showing how Nakar Hotel is the perfect spot for that important meeting taking place in Palma right now. Let the good ideas keep coming to Nakar!

How can we forget about our rooftop? Not only have we felt the love from our customers when enjoying a day by the pool or a snack upstairs, but also have we opened our rooftop to locals and visitors to enjoy Drink(s) up and cool private events. How could we keep that sunset away from all of you?

Our DJ’s have played 53 sessions, over 1.000 of you have stopped by our Sunday Brunch, we have served over 86.000 coffees, over 2.500 gin & tonics, 406 paellas, 1.700 apperol spritzes and have hosted over 50 company dinners. But, as you already know, NONE of it would have been possible without YOU. To all of our 2.963 Facebook followers, 1.426 Instagram followers, every person reading each one of our 31 blog posts, every person who visited CUIT, our brunch, the rooftop with friends and, of course, our guests:
T H A N K   Y O U – you rock & we want to live many more years sharing good times and memories with you.


The Nakar Team