Palma guide: Best coffee in Palma

We are definitely not morning people. Although we love to actually be up early to enjoy the day at is best, we have big (very big) trouble getting up and saying goodbye to our BFF (also called bed). But with every struggle there comes comfort and ours is that Palma is actually one of the cities with the most amount of beautiful and super delicious coffees.

When staying at Nakar Hotel you know that you have a spectacular breakfast waiting for you at CUIT, but we are definitely pro variety and that is why today we would like to introduce to you the best coffee in Palma. So get up, walk a couple minutes (Nakar is close to them all) and get to some of Palma’s finest espressos, latte macchiato and croissants.

Best coffee in Palma de Mallorca

  1. La Molienda

    Definitely a #Nakarfavorite for everything that comes with it: just a-mazing coffee, homemade Majorcan bread with avocado and eggs or even peanut butter and jelly toast. We could not love La Molienda more! The sign on the door says ‘best coffee in town’ and we most definitely agree.

    Nakar says: go around 11.00h and do brunch, because on their menu you’ll find some serious salty and sweet must-try, so you’d better be hungry!

  2. Cala Coffee 

    Relatively new to the Palmesan-gastro-scene, Cala Coffee has made quiet an impression on our specialized Nakar-always-looking-for-the-best-places-team. All their toasts are made with dough bread and they also have such yummy stuff as banana bread, croissants, apple crumble and more. Their coffee assortment is totally something you have to check out.

    Nakar says: two things we love about Cala (as much as we love their coffee and food) are that they are pet-friendly and have great Wi-Fi and plugs to become your mobile office anytime.

  3. Arabay 

    Arabay is not only a coffee shop, it is also an academy, which means that they know what they’re doing, trust us. They host monthly workshops, tastings and professional courses for baristas and coffee-lovers. And they also have a very cool store to do some serious coffee shopping. Last, but not least they of course offer some of the finest coffee, paired with toasts, muffins and other sexy-breakfast-food.

    Nakar says: Their mocha frappé is just like if the god of coffee would have met the queen of everything we want to see in a glass and had a son. Said simple: you have to try it!

  4. Rapha 

    Rapha was born in the context of its allied cycling brand and this café is just as special for cyclists than it is for normal people like us. What we really like about Rapha café is that even though it is part of a franchise all over Europe, it still has a very local and Majorcan feeling. Its menu totally reflects regional tastes right in the middle of an emporium stuffed with historic posters and jerseys in frames and glass-topped tables displaying curated collections.

    Nakar says: Not only coffee. At Rapha you’ll actually also find a great place to have a quick bite in the city’s old town.

Contact information

La Molienda – Carrer del Bisbe Campins, 11

Cala Coffee – Plaza Nova de la Ferreria, 6 Bajo 2

Arabay – Carrer del Sindicat, 5

Rapha – Plaça del Rosari, 1

Featured image: La Molienda.