WHO is WHO – the musical section of Nakar Hotel: meet Tony Jiménez


The musical section of Nakar Hotel

For months you have been hearing about our Drink(s) up! and cool brunches at Nakar Hotel. And one thing we always point out is the fact that we have a great team of resident Djs, which we absolutely love. Music plays a fundamental role at our whole hotel concept and this is why we decided to give you some info about the Djs rocking Nakar’s world. This is ‘who is who’.

When you meet Tony Jimenez you will quickly realize he’s a non complicated-smart-nice guy. But there’s also more about him: he’s unpredictable and always trying to discover new things, new information and new beats. He spends his time on numerous creative activities related to trends, fashion and, of course music. On the music scene he mostly works as a selector with a large background of clients going from small businesses to big hotel chains. He’s in charge of Nakar’s Hotel music selection, taking the lead on creative direction and organizing the team, which collaborates with him to create the musical atmosphere at the hotel.

1. Who are you, what do you do and when did you decide to become a musical selector?

I am Tony Jiménez and I have been working on different creative activities related to music, fashion and culture in general for over 25 years. I’ve been involved in these different areas all at the same time and always in a professional way.

Since I was little I had great interest for music, which was very rare in my circle. It was in the beginning of the 90’s when, by chance, some tapes of black American musicians and international radio recordings started kind of finding their way to me.

This really woke up my curiosity for what was going on all over the world on the musical scene and since then I listen to music daily, I do tons of research, I select music and do compilations.

2. Which are your musical influences? We are talking about the past and present of the music that has created your own character. And what do you see in your future?

I would have to say that my main influences are soul and jazz, disco, fun, Latin jazz and salsa and also all the music, which was born in New York in the 70’s. I also really like Rn’B of the mid and final 90’s, the English trip hop scene of the mid 90’s. In addition, I get my influences from important pop and rock big bands and singers, movie soundtracks, afro-beat, Caribbean music of all times and, as a background, the traditional African music, which is basically the nature of all beats. In the future I hope to keep showing the work of musicians who deserve to be heard.

3. Starting from your influences, which is your interpretation of the concept behind Nakar when it comes to making a selection? How do Tony Jiménez and Nakar combine their forces?

It is all about giving our experience to the public, to the guests with a rich musical selection. Every session is a true journey filled with different styles.

The main goal is to keep very high standards, for this hotel to get the recognition it deserves by creating something very unique, very different which is completely opposite to the usual music selection you could find at a hotel.

4. At the Nakar sessions, international and national public meet. Do you receive any kind of feedback when you’re Djing live?

Yes, of course. There is an immediate and direct feedback, which I personally love. The public at Nakar appreciates the fact that there is somebody in charge of the music at the exact moment they’re having a nice chat or just relaxed at the hotel. And tons of people come over and ask us: what are you playing there? So it’s nice to have that kind of interest for your work.

5. During this Summer, which was your best session at Nakar?

There are many I could qualify as really good, there are some specific days that there is a special connection with the public and the whole rooftop is kind of getting the same vibe with the music. That feeling is amazing!

6. Nakar Hotel is very keen to create a strong identity, which is based on taking care of every detail. Music is one of its most important areas. What do you think about this approach (most specially in the long term) and what message do you send with your work?

I am 100% committed and proud to be aligned with the hotel’s philosophy: good things of the highest quality.

My message to the world and, specifically to Nakar guests would be: relax, discover and enjoy!