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Palma Guide – The best Asian restaurants in Palma

Asian food is one of our fav’ foods. Do you feel the same? Is there something about Japanese, Chinese or Thai food that just makes your day better? Look no further, because we’re here to give you our best recommendations to visit Asian restaurants in Palma. Ready to go on a trip East without leaving Palma? Let’s go!

Best Asian restaurants in Palma

There’s so much to love about Asian cuisine, isn’t there? If you ask us, there’s something special about their flavors, their way of cooking and even the way the dishes are presented. Whether you love good sushi, a Japanese grill, a Chinese restaurant or Thai food, take some notes.

BiBap – Korean and Asian food

Located an 8-minute walk away from Nakar Hotel, at ‘Plaza del Mercat’, BiBap is our go-to restaurant when craving some authentic Asian food. Their dishes are based on traditional Korean recipes with a touch of trendiness and innovation, giving them unique taste. Book a table on the terrace to soak up the city vibes while having some of their delicious dishes for lunch!

bibap Best Asian restaurants in Palma nakar hotel


Kasui – Japanese grill

By visiting Kasui you’re in for a culinary adventure. This restaurant is a Japanese grill, meaning you won’t find sushi, nor anything you’ve tried before. Their menu is a perfect mix of street food, spectacular dishes prepared on the grill and authentic flavors. We absolutely love their edgy cuisine and signature cocktails (ordering one is a must!). Located at the trendy ‘Plaza Raimundo’, ‘Kasui’ is definitely something else.

kasui Best Asian restaurants in Palma nakar hotel


Koh – Thailand & south-east Asia in Palma

Koh’s cuisine is inspired by the freshness and fun flavors from south-east Asia. Sookjai or ‘happy heart’, a reminder to take life’s pleasures as they come is the motto, they liv by. At ‘Koh’ they believe that life’s pleasures are best shared, so they encourage a sense of community around the table. Their woks are the absolute best in Palma!

koh Best Asian restaurants in Palma nakar hotel


Izakaya – high Japanese cuisine

With a funky, elegant vibe, Izakaya recently changed locations, moving from Santa Catalina to C/ Monsenyor Palmer at Palma’s promenade. With spectacular sushi and exceptional sashimi, Izakaya stands for high-quality products. If you’re thinking about a group dinner, they have a ‘hidden room’, a place where a fun evening becomes a night to remember in an exclusive atmosphere.

izakaya Best Asian restaurants in Palma nakar hotel


Hanaita – sushi haven

Oh, you didn’t think we were going to wrap up this post without recommending some delicious sushi, didn’t you? There are tons of sushi restaurants on the island to die for, but our favorite is most definitely Hanaita. High-quality ingredients, impeccable technique and a good atmosphere are what make this restaurant one of the it-places for sushi-lovers. Go visit and let us know what you think!

Hemudu – the best Chinese restaurant on the island

If you’re looking for great Chinese food, Hemudu is the place to go. Located on a street called Rubén Darío, close to Paseo Mallorca, this place has become a foodie-favorite due to its daily lunch menu and delicious a la cartè options for dinner. Heads up! This is a gourmet version of Chinese food, which is exactly what makes it so good!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our list of Asian restaurants in Palma. We’d love for you to try some of them while staying at Nakar Hotel and bring back some feedback on which one you loved the most! For more tips and things to do and places to visit in Palma, visit our Palma Guide!