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Palma Guide – The best restaurants in Palma’s city centre

You already know we’re really into food. All over our blog you’ll find our recommendations and advice on where to eat when in Palma. It is true that there are many different ways to group restaurants together to guide you and today we’ve decided to tell you what the best restaurants in Palma’s centre are.

As Nakar Hotel is located at C/ Jaime III, one of the most famous streets in the city centre, we’re really close to a long list of restaurants that we love. If you’re staying with us any time soon, we’ll be pleased to share this and more recommendations for you to make the most out of your visit.

Best restaurants in Palma’s centre

Let’s go explore some restaurants! You’re staying at Nakar Hotel, in Palma’s city centre and we want you to walk around the centre and, while you do, try some of our favorite restaurants!

Vermutería La Rosa – tapas & vermouth

Whenever you visit Palma, it’s probable that you’ve already got your mind set on having some good tapas. And if that’s the case, you need to pay ‘Vermutería La Rosa’ a visit. Tapas done right. And the best vermouth to go with it. The restaurant is a short walk away from Nakar Hotel, at Plaza Weyler and it always has a great atmosphere, especially at night. Book your table in advance, because it’s usually packed!


nakar hotel palma best restaurants in Palma's city centre vermuteria la rosa

Vermutería La Rosa

Tast Club – a ‘must’ for foodies

We’ve talked to you about ‘Tast Club’ before, and that’s because it is one of those restaurants that you need to visit at least once. A truly cool vibe, elegant décor, impeccable service and delicious food will make for an unforgettable evening trying the best of Spanish cuisine. There are a few ‘Tast Clubs’, but the one we like the most is the one located at C/ Sant Jaume.

nakar hotel palma best restaurants in Palma's city centre Tast Club

CUIT Restaurant – Mediterranean cuisine with a view

If you’re looking for the Mediterranean experience all around, ‘CUIT’ is the place you need to write down. Located inside our design hotel in the city, the restaurant is led by Majorcan chef Miquel Calent and a team of passionate cooks. On the menu you will find spectacular dishes inspired by seasonal and local products. Your dining experience will be unmatched due to the fabulous views over Palma’s bay and the cathedral.


CUIT Restaurant

Mambo – Fab’ food and good vibes

One of Palma’s newest additions is located a 3-minute walk from Nakar Hotel. ‘Mambo’ is led by chef Gabriel Conti, who was born in Brasil and started his career in Barcelona, before landing in Palma de Mallorca. At ‘Mambo’, he amazes guests with premiu meat, fresh fish cooked on our Josper grill and fine tapas. You cannot leave ‘Mambo’ without trying their special chocolate dessert, featuring different textures of chocolate and with a unique presentation.


nakar hotel palma best restaurants in Palma's city centre Mambo Mallorca

Aromata – Andreu Genestra’s magic

Andreu Genestra is a talented Majorcan chef who decided to open ‘Aromata’ to bring haute cuisine to everyone. At lunch time he serves a delicious 3-course or 5-course set lunch menu (from Tuesday to Friday). At night, Aromata’s Majorcan patio becomes a romantic spot where you can enjoy a spectacular tasting menu where the chef and his team showcase a symphony of Majorcan flavors of the season.


nakar hotel palma best restaurants in Palma's city centre Aromata by Andreu Genestra

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our selection of restaurants in Palma’s city centre. We truly hope you make the most out of your visit to our favorite city in the world and we cannot wait to welcome you at Nakar Hotel. See you soon!