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Palma guide – what’s on in Palma – culture

There’s many things we’re pretty good at. For starters, offering you a great stay. Taking care of you is our field of expertise. But another thing we’re also ready good at is at giving you our best insider tips for you to enjoy your time in Palma as much as possible. And today we’re giving you a quick briefing in regards of what’s going on in Palma on the cultural side. Ready to dive in?

Cultural events in Palma in summer

If you’ve been to Palma before, you probably already know that culture is a big part of the city and its calendar. Not only will you find a long list of museums and art galleries (link) in the city, but there’s also a lot going on in terms of events, exhibitions, concerts and festivals not only in Palma, but all over Mallorca. Here’s a quick look at what’s on these days in Mallorca.

Summer events in Palma and the rest of Mallorca

Deià International Music Festival

Every summer, the charming little village of Deià, becomes the Mediterranean setting for a series of concerts in the dreamy location of ‘Son Marroig’. This year’s program includes classic music, jazz, piano, violin and more. Click here to get further information.

Bellver Castle Music Festival palma guide nakar hotel mallorca

Bellver Castle Music Festival, Palma

The iconic castle becomes a magical scenario to host a new edition of the Music Festival including four concerts in July by the Balearic Symphonic Orchestra. An acoustic rock concert  by the singer songwriters from USA, Elliot Murphy and Sid Griffin is also on the program, aswell as a concert by Catalan singer Gerard Quintana and flamenco concert by Carmen Linares.

Copa del Rey Sailing Regatta, Palma

The prestigious sailing event ‘Copa del Rey’, was born in 1982 and is one of the most anticipated events on the Majorcan calendar every year. Some of the best yachtsmen take part in the impressive regatta, along with some royal participants. The royal family is always in Mallorca during this time of the year. The bay of Palma is filled with impressive yachts during the day and in the evening with the streets become alive with all types of events and fun things to do.

regata copa del rey palma guide nakar hotel mallorca

Artdemossa Fair, Valldemossa

Known for being one of the most beautiful villages on the island, Valldemossa is also home to ‘Artdemossa’, an art fair celebrating art in all its forms and shapes. A big open-air exhibition boasting paintings, sculpture, photography, musical performances, acting, poetry recitals, dancing and activities for children.

Night Markets in Palma

During the month of July and due to the fun atmosphere on the streets until late hours, many cities and villages host ‘night markets’. If you feel like going on a shopping spree in the evening, in Palma we highly recommend visiting the market in La Lonja.

Open Air Cinema Screenings in Palma

Also a classic on the city’s summer calendar, ‘Cinema a la fresca’ offers children and adults the possibility to watch movies in the open air at the stunning cathedral. Every year, the city council offers a complete program of movies to watch right by the sea, at the ‘La Seu’ cathedral. A fun way to enjoy a warm summer evening in the city!

Annual Village Fiestas

July and August are the months for many small villages all over Mallorca to celebrate their saints and host fun ‘fiestas’. Some of the most popular fiestas are the ‘Festes de Sant Bartomeu’ in Montuiri, ‘Festes de Sant Jordi’ in Colonia de Sant Jordi, the reenactment of the battle between moors and Christians in Pollensa and ‘Festes de Sant Agustí’ in Felanitx. Most of these ‘fiestas’ offer local goods, food, parties, fireworks and ‘correfocs’.

Es Jardí Festival Festival palma guide nakar hotel mallorca

Nit de l’Art, Palma

Before saying goodbye to summer, around mid-September, there’s a cultural event that takes over Palma’s streets every year: Nit de l’Art. During a few nights in a row Palma’s museums and galleries open their doors to visitors for free. Tons of artists host exhibitions and openings too and the city is filled with art, street performances, music and activities.