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Palma Guide: the best beaches in Mallorca’s South

Summer is here! We couldn’t be happier about it. And we’re here to give you some serious summer inspo! Let’s talk about beaches once again! But after giving you our selection of the best beaches in Mallorca, we’ve thought to also give you some advice divided by the different areas of the island. And Mallorca’s South happens to be one of our favorite areas when it comes down to finding a nice beach or cove and spend the day!

It’s time for you to take a virtual tour and choose the beach you like the most!

The best beaches in Mallorca’s South

In the Southern area of Mallorca you’ll find the ultimate Mediterranean dream come true: white golden sand & turquoise crystal clear water. That’s the winning combination. So, if you’re thinking about hitting the beach, this might help to choose a really lovely beach to spend the day at!

Es Carbó

It doesn’t get any more natural than Es Carbó. This breath-taking beach can’t be reached by car, which is why you can either park your car in Colonia de Sant Jordi and start walking for about 30 minutes or reach it by boat.

Hotel Nakar Cala Es Carbo

This large remote beach is about 2.3 kilometres away from Colonia de Sant Jordi and is lacking all kinds of facilities: just you and the beach.

Es Caragol

Another peaceful and not very busy 100% Mediterranean beach is Es Caragol. Located even after Es Carbó, it is a long walk away from Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Hotel Nakar Es Caragol Beach

The beach is a mix of sand and beautiful rocks, adding to its charm and feeling of being lost in nature. Nudism is allowed and it never gets busy, as it is difficult to reach!

Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of the beaches Mallorca is famous for. With an unspoilt beauty, this stunning beach is not attached to any resort, being isolated and offering a natural feel.

es trenc best beaches mallorca south nakar hotel palma

Es Trenc can be reached by car; there are plenty of parking spaces nearby, making this beach very busy in summer. With over 2 kilometres of golden sand and clear water, it is often referred to as Mallorca’s answer to the Caribbean.

Caló d’es Moro

Very different from Es Carbó, Es Caragol and Es Trenc, Caló d’es Moro is a picture perfect cove located in Mallorca’s Southeast, about 6 kilometres away from Santanyí.

CALO DES MORO best beaches mallorca south nakar hotel palma

Parking can be difficult, but once you’ve done it, you won’t have to walk long to reach this little piece of Paradise. It’s adjacent to Cala S’Almunia; both of them are worth a visit! Warning: it gets really busy in summer!

Which one of our recommended beaches in Mallorca’s South is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a DM via Instagram or leave a comment on Facebook!