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Sweet Christmas in Palma de Mallorca

There’s something about December that makes us fall in love a little bit more with this stunning city we’re lucky enough to call home. Mallorca is a Mediterranean gem that offers a unique combination of activities, sightseeing, shopping, nature and culture all year around. And during the holidays its capital city, Palma de Mallorca, becomes a magical place to enjoy the festivities and feel the Christmas spirit taking over!

One of our major passions is food. We’ve recently told you what our favourite cosy restaurants were in Palma, we’ve also told you all about the best restaurants with sea views, best Majorcan restaurants, best Mediterranean restaurants and more (you can find it all on our blog) . But today we’ll not talk about restaurant, but about something that also lies really close to our hearts: sweets and pastries.

Where to have the best pastries and sweets in Palma

Isn’t it the perfect plan to take a walk through Palma and stop for a sweet treat before seeing the Christmas lights get turned on and fall in love with the stunning and magical atmosphere of our city? If you’re a sweet tooth like we are, you will love this new post about sweets and pastries in Palma!

Can Joan de s’Aigo, a must when in Palma

If you were looking for the best plan for a cold evening in Palma, this is it. Can Joan de s’Aigo is famous for its delicious typical Majorcan pastry as: ‘ensaimadas’, ‘cuartos’ and ‘cocas’. But there’s more! They also happen to serve the best hot chocolate in town.

can joan de saigo palma nakar hotel christmas treats dulces navidad

No better combination than hot chocolate & one of the traditional local pastries to warm up a winter afternoon in Palma de Mallorca. (Extra tip: Can Joan de s’Aigo is located 2 minutes away from Nakar Hotel ☺)

Lluis Pérez, talented pastry chef with his own shop and café

There’s on pastisser that has stolen everyone’s hearts in Palma. And that’s Lluis Perez, a young pastry chef who has made a living out of his passion for sweet treats. In his café and shop you will be able to see and taste his spectacular creations such as chocolates, macaroons, tarts, cakes and even delicious brioche bread.

lluis perez palma nakar hotel sweet christmas dulces navidad

Just like Can Joan de s’Aigo, Lluis Pérez isn’t far from Nakar Hotel, as you will be able to reach his café and shop within a 4-minute walk.

Uco Bakery, best panettone in town

Uco Bakery has been making the best sourdough bread in Palma for quite some time now. After educating the public about the differences of what bread with sourdough and absolute sourdough bread is, they’ve also expanded their bread-business to offer some sweet treats that are well worth a try.

uco bakery palma nakar hotel dulces navidad sweet christmas

Can Miquel, artisanal ‘turrones’

Last, but not least, we must tell you all about the ultimate Spanish sweet treat during Christmas. ‘Turrón’ is a Spanish nougat candy, which has been part of our tradition for five centuries. It is made out of the blending of honey, almonds, sugar, hazelnuts and egg white.

can miquel turrones palma nakar hotel sweet christmas dulces navidad

But it has many different varieties and flavours these days. And if you’re looking for the most authentic place to try some of these traditional sweet treats, Can Miquel is the place you need to visit.