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The best places for a Christmas toast in Palma

The festivities are just around the corner and we’re absolutely diving into the holiday spirit head over heels. There’s nothing quite like Palma during Christmas. The capital city of the Balearic Islands just shines during the holidays! And we’re absolutely here for it.

Taking a walk through Palma’s Old Town after sunset lifts up your spirit in a matter of seconds. The lightning is absolutely stunning and the streets turn into an ode to Christmas magic. And one of the things we love to do during these dates is to gather with our friends or family, raise our glasses and toast to everything good that has happened to us this year. This is why we felt the urge to share this new blog post with all of you.

The ‘it’ places for a Christmas toast in Palma

As we’ve already mentioned a couple of hundred times, Palma is a city offering never-ending fun. With a lively gastronomic scene and spectacular restaurants, cafés and bars, it will absolutely exceed your expectations when visiting. We’ve often shared some of our favourite restaurants and it-places with you over the past months and years, but today we’d like to focus on hip, trendy places to gather for a perfect Christmas toast.

Morokko, the bar inside Palma Riad

New to Palma’s bar scene and coming in strong we’ve got ‘Morokko’. This bar with a secretive vibe located in Calle San Jaime is our top pick to enjoy a fun, relaxed toast with your friends or family.

best places christmas toast drink morokko palma de mallorca nakar hotel

Its décor is absolutely stunning and you can access by entering the new Palma Riad, a luxury hotel inspired by Moroccan riads. Definitely worth a visit (and a toast!)

Can Alomar, beautiful terrace overlooking Paseo del Borne

Can Alomar is a nice luxury hotel located at Carrer de Sant Feliu, right by the luxury shopping street Paseo del Borne. Its restaurant, ‘De Tokio a Lima’ is a cosy place to raise your glasses and toast to the festivities.

best places christmas toast drink ca nalomar palma de mallorca nakar hotel

With a nice view of Paseo del Borne and a lovely selection of cocktails and drinks, we recommend you to stop by and check it out for yourself!

Tast Club, the ultimate festive place to be

Last, but not least, this list needed to have ‘Tast Club’ among our recommendations. Tast Club is that place that every local just immediately links to cosy winter lunches and dinners and is, for sure, also perfect to have a Christmas toast with your loved ones.

best places christmas toast drink tast club palma de mallorca nakar hotel

It has different rooms (for dining or just to have a drink) and is always a great choice.