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Palma guide – The best ice cream in Palma

Oh, we love summer days! Do you love them too? We cannot think of a better way to spend the day than strolling through the streets of our beautiful city and slurp on a delicious ice cream while doing it. Doesn’t that sound absolutely irresistible? If you’re team ice cream too, this post is for you.

Best ice cream in Palma

There are hundred of ice cream shops in Palma and all over the island. It is no easy task to choose just a couple to fulfill your ice-creamy wishes, but we’ll do our best to do so! Let’s go have some ice cream while in Palma.

Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo – traditional, icy sorbet 

We have to start with an all-time favourite with many years of tradition on the island. Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo has existed since the 18th century in Palma. Its first shop, the one located at C/Sans, is one of the few traditional cafés that are left. Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo also has a shop on C/Baró Sta. Maria del Sepulcre, which is actually a little street perpendicular to Jaime III (our street!). They also have a shop at Calle Sindicato. You’ll find all kind of artisan Majorcan pastries, but its ice cream is just legendary. It goes more into the direction of frozen-fruit kind-of ice cream and it will certainly make an impression. Its star flavours are strawberry and almond.


Gelateria Rosario – artisanal ice cream

Located at Plaça del Rosari, a 5-minute walk from the stunning cathedral ‘La Seu’, you’ll find ‘Gelateria Rosario’. This ice cream shop opened in 1979 in Andratx, and after their success, they decided to open a new ice cream shop in Palma to offer locals and tourists delicious artisanal ice cream. Some of our favorite flavors are Majorcan almond, Pistachio, Stracciatella and Hazelnut.

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Ca’n Miquel – over 90 flavours 

More traditional ice cream shops to discover when in Palma: Ca’n Miquel. It’s a very classical spot for Majorcans to have a ‘berenar’ (morning or afternoon snack) and it has been serving delicious artisan ice cream since 1979. It is also located on a little street next to Jaime III, which means you’ll be there in heartbeat when coming out of Nakar Hotel. Important fact? They offer over 90 ice cream varieties and around 20 of them are different types of chocolate. You’ll have some work to do!


Gelats Paco – a family affair 

Gelats Paco is a family business that has been running for three generations since 1950. Not only will you get delicious ice cream, but it’s also very common to go there to buy ice cream per the kg to take back home. Interesting fact: they offer gluten free ice cream. More than 50 flavors are waiting to be tried by visitors, including some very original flavors, such as custard with ensaimada or fresh cheese with orange.

Rivareno – rated as Mallorca’s best ice cream

If you have been to Italy, you’ll know the real deal when it comes down to ice cream. But you know what? You actually don’t have to go to Italy to have some of the most authentic, delicious and fresh Italian ice cream there is. You just have to go to ‘Rivareno’. One thing is for sure: you will want to go back within a few hours! Their ricotta with figs ice-cream is a must!


We hope all of our ice-cream lovers out there are ready to try some of Mallorca’s best ice creams and we would be happy to know what you thought about every one of them!