Nakar September musts what to do in Palma

The September musts by Nakar Hotel

Let us tell you a secret. We have a favorite month. And it happens to be September. Do you know why? Well, there’s a couple of reasons. Number 1: it’s still summer in Mallorca! September is not as hot as August, but still gives us beautiful sunny days to spend the afternoon at the beach diving into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Number 2: it’s a little less hectic. There are not that many visitors on the island in September and you will be able to enjoy its authenticity. Number 3: There’s tons of fun things to do!

Today we would like to share our ‘September musts’ with all of you


Important question: is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love ice cream? We’re not sure that there’s somebody like that, but if there is, we must say right now: we don’t trust you ice-cream-hater! Our first September must is actually the perfect activity all year long. But we want to recommend it to you as a September plan:

Find Palma’s best ice cream


There is a large number of ice cream shops all over Palma (and the rest of the island, but let’s focus, guys!) You will find a wide range of different types: super creamy ice creams, frozen-fruit-kind of ice cream, Vegan ice cream and the list continues…

Nakar Hotel september musts ice cream rivareno Palma

Some time ago we made a tour to offer you ‘Palma’s top 4 ice cream shops’. So you can start by visiting these shops and if you find a fifth that is worthy of our beautiful list, please let us know!

Can Joan de s'aigo palma best ice cream

Our second ‘September must’ is a lovely Mediterranean day off. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Get to know Banyalbufar and take a bath at Cala Banyalbufar


Banyalbufar is a beautiful coastal village at the edge of the Tramuntana mountain range. Even though there are just a couple of cafés, restaurants, hotels and one art gallery in Banyalbufar it is a very charming town to visit.

nakar hotel cala banyalbufar

Due to its location many people come to see its ancient terraced hillsides descending from the mountains down to the sea with impressive views. (Tip: enjoy the sunset at one of its seaviews cafés!). We strognly recommend spending the day discovering the village and then go for a dip to ‘Cala Banyalbufar’, the town’s very Mediterranean rocky cove.

Last, but not least, our ‘Setpember must’ is more than just a concert, it’s an experience.

Attend the International Music Festival in Deià

Every year a magical music festival takes place in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful villages: Deià. Starting in May, a total of 16 concerts are on the program for the 2019 edition.

nakar hotel palma deia music festival son marroig

And guess what? The two final concerts take place in September. A perfect opportunity to enjoy a spectacular performance in a unique setting with breath taking views of the Tramuntana mountains and the sea. Find all the infos right here.