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Self-care at Nakar Hotel – discover our urban spa

One of the things we take very seriously at Nakar Hotel is taking good care of you. Even though we love our location in Palma’s city centre and we want you to make the most out of it by discovering the many things to see and do in the stunning city, we also want you to take the time to relax, to slower the pace and to focus on yourself. Self-care is a must at Nakar Hotel!

Urban spa at Nakar Hotel

Our city hotel is your perfect home away from home. And one of the places inside the hotel everybody loves is our spa: the place where you connect with ourselves, where you let all our troubles and daily stress out the door. As you are already aware, we are very fond of offering you high-level comfort all over our hotel. And our spa is, of course, the heart and soul of wellbeing and comfort. Our spa is a sanctuary for your body, mind and soul and offers an environment of holistic rejuvenation in a contemporary setting.

Blog Nakar Hotel urban spa Palma de Mallorca

When designing the concept of our urban spa we thought about what we could do to be different and offer you a 100% unforgettable experience when visiting our spa. We definitely wanted to find some ways to not only be unique, but make you feel unique too! Where to start? Well, there are not many hotels in Palma’s Old Town with an actual heated pool within the spa area. It’s definitely one of the most serene hideaways there are in the city. On top of our heated relaxing pool, we added 2 treatment rooms (including one double room to have treatments for couples), a relaxation area, a steam bath and a Finnish sauna.

Blog Nakar Hotel urban spa Palma de Mallorca sauna facilities

Once the infrastructure was done, we decided on the treatments: a perfect combo to align your body, mind and soul. At Nakar’s urban spa you will find a perfectly customized selection for face and body treatments to relax and re-energize from head to toe.

Skin, science and soul unite to feel the comfort of one of our ‘Aromasoul Mediterránea’ massages, our ‘Algae peel-off mask’, our ‘Thermogenetic attack’ or our ‘Active pureness’. You can find all detailed spa treatments by clicking here.

Blog Nakar Hotel urban spa Palma de Mallorca heated pool

If you want to take some time off, give yourself a treat and add something extra special to your stay at Nakar Hotel, don’t hesitate to book a treatment at our spa! We will be pleased to design a tailor-made afternoon for you. Stop by our front desk and get ready to be pampered!