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A walk through Palma’s Old Town – what to see

To those of us who live and breathe Palma every day, we know how special this city truly is. We love its authenticity, its vibrancy, its people, its food, its architecture…we could literally go on like this forever!
And as far as locations in the city go, you can’t get any more central than Nakar Hotel. Of course, our street has a cool name – ‘Jaime III’ – where you will find a selection of world-class shops, restaurants, bars and cafés, all leading to the popular Passeig del Born and Palma’s Old Town.

More than anything though, it serves as the ideal springboard for those wanderers who wish to lose themselves in an afternoon of meandering. It’s for you that we designed our self-guided ‘Nakar’ walking tour. So, slip into your best trainers – flips flops will do too, if you’re willing to be super adventurous – and let’s get going!

First, we sightsee…

Our tour starts at the Nakar Hotel (surprise!). From there, we turn right and head down Jaime III, until we hang another right onto Passeig del Born. Next, we do a bit of bobbing and weaving until we hit the first cultural highlight on our tour: the famous cathedral ‘La Seu’.

hort del rei palma tour walk nakar hotel

A masterpiece of gothic architecture, it’s probably one of the most impressive buildings we have ever seen – and that’s saying a lot! A few small steps from there and you will find another cultural gem, the Almudaina Palace, with its impressive arches and beautiful façade.

Then, we shop…

Once we’ve soaked up all the glorious culture, we move on to another fun part: shopping! We make our way back up onto Passeig del Born, where we pop our heads into Rialto Living, a super chique fashion, design and lifestyle store with lots of unique treats.

rialto living palma tour walk nakar hotel

Rialto Living

For a look at some amazing handmade pottery, we continue up the street to the Saint Feliu coach houses, which are home to a number of boutique stores, including Paparkone. Marvel at Roberto’s incredible works of pottery art. We sure do!

And lastly, we eat and drink…

Now that we’ve had our fill of shopping – although we’re not sure there is even such a thing – we make our way to one of the best neighbourhoods in the city: Santa Catalina. There, we stroll around the popular Mercat de Santa Catalina, where we sample traditional food and whatever else your heart desires. There’s plenty of stores to go around.

santa catalina palma tour walk nakar hotel

Rikito Palma

You can also choose from several restaurants serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner all day, every day. Once we’re done, it’s only an 8 min walk back to the hotel, where you can kick off your shoes, slip into your bikini or swim trunks and take a dip in the pool before winding down on one of our sunbeds for the day.

And that’s our tour! Short, sweet, but filled with a ton of delights. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.