Palma Guide: Best restaurants in Palma part III

We’re getting to the end. This is the third and final part of our best restaurants recommendation. In part I of the best restaurants in Palma you discovered the best restaurants located in the area of Jaime III and Sant Jaume. For part II of the best restaurants in Palma we chose four restaurants located around Cort and Plaza del Mercat. And for the end of this trilogy we are highlighting our favorite restaurants in Santa Catalina & La Lonja, Palma. As you already know from our ‘Palma’s top neighbourhoods’ Santa Catalina is one of the city’s coolest neighbourhoods. And also nearby you’ll find the lively area of La Lonja. In addition to the market in Santa Catalina and hipster vibe, these two areas of town are filled with restaurants and bars, but like everyone who considers him/herself a serious foodie, we do have our favorites.

  1. Duke, Santa Catalina
    No matter who you ask in Palma, Duke is an all-time favorite. This Cosmopolitan good-vibes-only restaurant serves multi-cultural type of food with Asian influences. Nakar’s favorite dish at Duke: the red curry.
  2. Sumaq, Santa Catalina
    Peruvian food is always a big YES for us at Nakar Hotel. And if you’re looking for this type of cuisine at its finest, Sumaq is the place to go to. With a rather short menu, you’ll be teleported to Perú every time. Nakar’s favorite dish at Sumaq: ceviche.
  3. Forn de Sant Joan, La Lonja
    Romantic and cosy. That’s how you can define this Spanish restaurant in Palma, located in the heart of La Lonja. With classic tapas and modern interpretations of all kind of dishes, Forn de Sant Joan will never disappoint. Nakar’s favorite dish at Forn de Sant Joan: tuna tataki and the 7-hour-long cooked lamb.
  4. Aquanauta, Santa Catalina
    ¡Viva México! And of course, ¡viva its food! Authentic and delicious Mexican tacos with an important spicy note are its best-seller. With a 100% surfer-vintage style decoration this charming little ‘California meets Mexico’ restaurant is a must-visit. Nakar’s favorite dish at El Aquanauta: The Chicken “tinga”.
  5. Kuroböta, Santa Catalina
    Asian fusion with hints of Japan, Korea and China is what you will find on the menu of this restaurant located at Plaza Progreso in Santa Catalina. Almost every dish is for sharing which makes it perfectly to go for a romantic dinner or with friends. Nakar’s favorite dish at Kuroböta: pork belly bao buns.
  6. El Náutico, La Lonja
    Located a little bit outside the actual La Lonja district and more towards the sea, El Náutico is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant. With a relaxed atmosphere and views of the port, it serves high-end cuisine. Great quality and excellent service. Nakar’s favorite dish at El Náutico: Galician beef.

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