The CUIT restaurant concept

You’ll find CUIT restaurant at Nakar Hotel’s eighth floor. One of the first things you’ll notice is its A-MAZING views over the city, Palma’s bay and the Cathedral. If we say it’s stunning it actually is an understatement, which is why it is so important for you to come visit CUIT if you’re staying at Nakar or if you’re visiting Palma or living in this beautiful city.

The CUIT Restaurant is a place to socialize and interact. The menu is based on an artisan and seasonal cuisine, inspired by the Mallorcan gastronomic tradition, very Mediterranean and reformulated with new trends looking for the best seasonal products that the island can offer. Organic, sustainable cuisine that recovers and gives life to old traditional recipes of the island.

Miquel Calent, the well-known Majorcan chef, is in charge at CUIT. And he constantly has one thing in mind: giving you a gourmet-experience overlooking the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean. That’s why every one of his dishes are prepared with such talent, passion and incredible elegance. Rather sooner than later you will see that CUIT is a place for you to enjoy the whole experience from beginning to end.

It was Miquel’s passion and long-term experience which led us to have him running CUIT. As a part of Nakar Hotel we just wanted it to be as special as the whole Nakar-experience and it had to fit our most important motto which is ‘take care of you’. CUIT is a place to relax, to enjoy, to let loose of all daily worries and give in for a unique meal in an unbeatable setting. For breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner you will feel the Nakar philosophy and Majorcan roots taking over.

To get to know more about our chef, Miquel Calent, please click here.


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