Palma guide: big local talents

At Nakar Hotel we are constantly looking for new cultural interesting stuff happening on the island. Our love for art is something we have previously mentioned, like when we posted our favourite art galleries in Palma, but today we would like to introduce you to some of our favourite local artists.

Mallorca is lucky to have tons of creative people living and visiting the island at all times. And it is no surprise that we can find literally hundreds of artists working on interesting art pieces everywhere, but we have decided to share our personal favourites with all of you. So here we go!

Palma’s big local talents

1. Albert Pinya

His work is above all characterised by a constant review and a continuous questioning of moral and human behaviour. Combining tragic, absurd, grotesque, decadent, ridiculous and irreverent elements which, linked to an ironic and, at times comical, at times a little naive or gruesome vision, take us a step closer to the here and now. Fun, colourful and controversial.

Albert Pinya

Albert Pinya (Foto: ARA Balears)

2. Pep Guerrero

Colours, impressions, objects we use daily and a huge amount of imagination and originality. This is what Pep’s art is like. Just a beautiful mix of creative creations filled with visual resources. He uses his talent to see a bigger picture by combining different elements with the collage technique to not only paint, but also recycle all kind of objects with style achieving to catch your attention and connect with your memories.

Pep Guerrero

Pep Guerrero

3. Grip Face

Grip Face is taking urban art to the next level. Taking cave art as a base, Grip Face acknowledges the most important problems and questions of our time and finds the way to protest against it in the most beautiful way. The modernity that Grip Face elaborates is the one laying on the grounds of our spiritual and aesthetic concerns. His work is built on the past and aims at the future.

2 grip face big local talents nakar hotel palma de mallorca

Foto: Grip Face

grip face big local talents nakar hotel palma de mallorca

Foto: Grip Face

4. Joan Aguiló

Joan Aguiló is a street artist intervening Palma’s neighbourhoods with incredibly realistic, authentic, creative and just amazing drawings and paintings. Palma’s biggest graffiti was created by this young and talented illustrator who continues to cheer up the greyest corners of our favourite city and to amaze us with his way to connect us not only with moments and times, but with emotions through his street art.

Joan Aguiló

Joan Aguiló