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Top 3 spots to visit in the Tramuntana, Mallorca

There’s something absolutely magical about Mallorca. All year long this Mediterranean island serves inspiration to anyone looking to connect with nature, beauty and have a good time. It’s not really a surprise to us to hear that more and more tourists decide to visit Mallorca during the colder months.

We’ve told you many times about Mallorca’s exciting versatility in terms of landscape and things to do, right? Well, today we want to give you our selection of the three spots you cannot miss in the Tramuntana mountain region in Mallorca.

Best places in the Tramuntana mountain region in Mallorca

Have you ever heard about the Tramuntana mountains? These dramatic mountains skirting the length of Mallorca’s southwest-northeast for almost 90 kilometres have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site for its historical, cultural, and environmental importance.

And we’d like to give you some of our (precious) local knowledge to add three spots in the Tramuntana mountain range to your bucket list. Ready? Let’s go!

Visit Galilea, Mallorca’s highest villages

If you’ve ever wondered about where to find Mallorca’s highest village, this is it. At 460 metres above sea level, Galilea is the island’s highest village. This tiny, charming village can be seen in about an hour, as there is a church with a courtyard out front with panoramic views down across the hills to the sea in the far distance and a couple of houses. To really enjoy the views, we’d recommend a stop at Café Sa Plaça de Galilea, right opposite the church. It has a terrace with stunning views that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Deià has a special charm

This is not a suggestion, this is an obligation. You just have to stop at Deià when thinking about touring the Tramuntana mountains. This traditional village with beautiful views is built in the middle of the mountains, giving it a very special and unique charm.

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Always inspiring a multicultural community to stop by, it is Mallorca’s most bohemian place to be at. For the full Mediterranean experience, you can have lunch at Ca’s Patro March at Cala Deià, the rocky cove belonging to the village too.

Best views in Mallorca – discover Sa Foradada

Located on the way from Valldemossa to Deià there is a special spot where you can enjoy one of Mallorca’s most stunning views. We’re talking about ‘Sa Foradada’ a peninsula of the Tramuntana mountain range, that owes its name to the impressive hole that can be seen in it, measuring some 18m in diameter.

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The viewpoint ‘Sa Foradada’ also known as ‘Son Marroig’ is where you will be experiencing Mallorca’s most spectacular sunset, which has become a striking image of the island of Mallorca. Our suggestion? Get there at about 18.30h, have a couple of beers, lay back and enjoy!

Remember that our team at the front desk will be pleased to organize all kind of day trips, transportation or anything else you may need! If you’re interested in visiting the Tramuntana mountain range, just let us know!