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Palma Guide – Walking routes starting from Palma

Staying in Palma stands for many things: a lively cultural scene, fun restaurants, a thriving shopping spree waiting to happen, impressive architecture… you name it! There’s no city in the world like Palma. And during the colder months (which in Mallorca translates into 17-degree weather and a shining winter sun) one of every visitor’s favourite activities is walking in and around the city.

So, why don’t you join us today to explore the best walking routes starting from Palma? We’re positive this blog post will come in handy whenever you decide to visit the capital city of the Balearic Islands and make the most out of every minute.

Walking routes starting from Palma

Ready to walk around a little bit and discover the many wonders of the city? We’ll be pleased to take you on a little walking tour to discover some of the best spots around Palma.

Walking from Palma to Portixol

Are you a sea-lover like we are? Then you will absolutely love this route we’re about to recommend. Palma’s promenade known as ‘Paseo Marítimo’ provides a great scenario to walk by the sea and soak up the city’s vibes at the same time you reconnect with yourself and the calm breeze of the Mediterranean.

portixol walking routes palma nakar hotel

This promenade connects the city centre with the former fishermen village of Portixol, a trendy spot filled with seafront cafés and restaurants. From Nakar Hotel to Portixol you will be walking around 4 kilometres by the seashore. Once you’ve arrived at Portixol there’s a lot to do. Click here and discover our recommendations on what to do and where to eat while you’re there.

Walking from Palma to the Bellver castle

Another walking route (which is actually more of a hike than just a nice walk) you should try out while staying in Palma is the one that leads you to the Bellver castle. The Bellver castle was built between 1300 and 1311 and is one of the most impressive buildings in Mallorca.

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It is formed with a perfect round shape and inside the middle is a courtyard and around lays four big towers. After being a royal residence, the castle was converted into a prison. Nowadays the castle located about three kilometres away from the city centre is a museum and one of the city’s most popular landmarks. Being located atop of a hill it offers spectacular views of the city and its bay. If you want to reach it by foot you will first walk through the city until you get to the short hiking route to get there. Our team at the front desk will be happy to give you some assistance for this 35 to 45-minute walk!

Walking tour to discover Palma’s landmarks

Last, but not least, if there’s one thing you can always do by foot when staying at Nakar Hotel, it’s walking around the city and discovering the many hidden treasures it has to offer.

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Of course, you will probably have the cathedral, ‘La Seu’ and the Almudaina Palace on your list, but there’s more! A few weeks ago we shared this walking tour through Palma’s Old Town with you. Find some ideas here! And if you’re into architecture, you can also have a look at this selection of beautiful buildings you need to see while in town.

We hope this guide to walk around the city and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle has been helpful and we’re looking forward to hearing back from you if you try some of these walking routes!